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Christmas: Fun Games To Liven Up Christmas

by S1m

When Christmas gets a little too much… after too much food, too much Christmas TV… you can always rely on board games to either keep the family entertained or instigate an argument.

Hopefully the games mentioned in this post will leave players chuckling and enjoying the game they are playing!

Liar Liar

Recommended for 4-6 players and aged 12 years upwards, Liar Liar is an awesome, twisted, trivia game that requires the ability to outwit all other players. Move yourself around the board by fibbing and fabricating your way to victory, by teasing the other players with truths and lies. Definitely a game that will have everyone chuckling. The aim of the game is to win… you can only win by lying…

“And lying well is the key to winning because LIAR LIAR is the trivia game with a twist. You can lie. In fact, you have to lie to win the game. You can lie about knowing the answers, you can make up the answers, you can lie to your opponents with false facts and you can lie about the roll of the dice. Just don’t get caught or falsely accuse an opponent of lying, otherwise it is back to the start.”

RRP £14.90, Liar Liar is available in WHSmith, Waterstones, John Lewis, HMV, Amazon and direct from Pants On Fire Games.


For something a little different and to lighten the mood, Accentuate is a game that will have you laughing your accents off! Simply pick a quotation and a separate accent card, read the quote in the accent chosen and see if your team mates can guess what accent it is!

Your accent is the only tool you can use, you cannot use any aids or hints! Best played with at least 2 players on each team. The opposing team can also take a gamble on the accent if the included dice rolls on ‘All’, to include all players for that particular guess.

RRP 19.99, Accentuate comes in a small, handy little box that is perfect for travelling around with you this Christmas! Buy directly from Accentuate Games.

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Becky December 10, 2014 - 7:43 pm

ah we have accentuate and played it the other days its such a giggle

S1m December 11, 2014 - 10:39 am

I cannot wait to play it – bit hard on my own… surely there would only be one winner!! 🙂 xx


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