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Christmas: Sugru… The Miracle Mouldable Glue

by S1m

Just my luck!

Something breaks (again!) and I am unable to locate any type of glue to fix the item. The item gets put to one side, forgotten about and eventually thrown away. Items always tend to be toys or small, fiddly little things and I am sure it’s not just me that has this same routine!

Sugru has already been my saviour this Christmas as it meant that I could repair a Christmas decoration – that had only just been unwrapped – with the exact colour I required!


Contained in handy little packets, Sugru comes in multi-packs and also for the festive period, cute limited edition tins packed with colours such as orange, pink, green, brown and grey – all the colours you will need to repair items come Christmas afternoon! Sugru could easily be mistaken for Play Doh so make sure you always put it out of the reach of little people!

The mouldable glue is an absolute god send – simply stick it, shape it and it will turn into rubber over 24 hours. Perfect for fixing cables too, according to Beth, who has already used Sugru to fix her mobile phone cable! The greatest thing is, Sugru is simply so much better than superglue!

Waterproof, so can be used to fix items that are located outside. Flexible when cured, making it perfect to fix any type of cable. It really is such a versatile product that can pretty much be used on anything!

In my case it was used on this little fellow, to fix his carrot nose back onto this face! Liv is a happy little girl again, though am hoping she realises just because we have a good supply of Sugru, it does not mean we can test out every colour!

The festive tins are priced at £9.99, with multipacks of singular colours ranging from £6.99 for a pack of 3 to £12.99 for a pack of 8. All packs can be purchased directly from the Sugru website. I really could not recommend the mouldable glue highly enough… although now I no longer have an excuse not to fix broken items!

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Becky December 14, 2014 - 7:58 am

Oh wow that sounds very useful!


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