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Don’t Be Sidelined By Sport… Go Ahead And Pamper Yourself!

by S1m

Christmas time is perfect for a family get together and spending time with people you may not have seen in a while for a good catch up. It was so lovely to spend the festive period with my sister and her family over in Yorkshire. With stunning views, it really is an amazing place to live, however I did appreciate making it back home to the comfort of my own surroundings before the snow crept in!

Not before I had watched the Chelsea match on Boxing day though… a fantastic 2-0 win over Stoke to retain our lead at the top of the Premiership League. City are chasing up rather quickly though which is slightly worrying, although I have every faith in José pulling something out of the bag to ensure we lift the trophy at the end of the season.

Knowing what my brother in law and indeed his brother are like… being huge Manchester United fans, I was fully prepared for the usual onslaught of highly amusing comments. Only amusing to them mind!

When it comes to any other team bar Chelsea, I have little interest, except for those teams lapping at our heels. I totally feel sorry for my sister, as at least I can happily watch football and know what is happening with the game. No matter how many games she has had to sit through, she is still clueless and becomes a total sports widow… heaven forbid when the rugby and cricket is on TV too!


Betfair kindly arranged for this stunning parcel from Pamper Parcels to be sent to me in preparation for the Christmas sports schedule, just in case I was sidelined! Pamper time is generally non-existent in my house, as a single parent, I simply do not have the time. Though on opening this very cool wooden box to be greeted with lots of highly calorific treats and skincare pamper goodies… who was I to argue?

I did take some chocolate to share at my sister’s but to me, there is nothing more relaxing than watching my team win. As for the skincare goodies and amazingly scented candle… those are being saved for my next pre-date pampering session… bring on 2015!

We were sent the lovely Pamper Parcel box in exchange for this post.

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