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Dating Coach Advice: Empower Your Man… Say What?!

by S1m
Dating site Advice

My New Year’s resolution, to ‘Improve Myself’ as opposed to creating a whole new me is working really well. I have managed to easily cut out all the bad things that I didn’t actually need any more… (find out what these were in my Weight Loss Wednesday post) and as such have a far better outlook on everything, including men!

Last year was awesome, I have some truly unbelievable, if anything under exaggerated, hilarious stories from 2014 – you certainly live and learn and the shambles at the start of last year certainly made me a more confident lady throughout the rest of the year.

Not in that way cheeky!

More in the fact I would not suffer fools gladly, I would be more likely to disbelieve what men were saying, less likely to give them the benefit of the doubt and could certainly drink most men under the table!


I recently had a lovely and thoughtful conversation with the rather lovely Genevieve, the CEO of Elect Club in London, a Matchmaking and Dating Agency providing professional matchmakers in London for a personalised dating & matchmaking service the holistic way. With over 18 years experience as a dating coach, I found Genevieve knowledgeable and really approachable, very much like an unbiased friend.

Albeit our conversation was mainly targeted at information for a post to include in the ‘Singletons Valentine’s Day Survival Guide’, Genevieve also gave me some handy tips to help me with my own personal dating journey.

As a confident, independent lady (stop laughing!) I have probably needed a man less than I should, which has meant my quest to find a proactive man has been ridiculously hard. According to Genevieve, all men have the ability to be proactive, it may just be the case that they have been put down in previous relationships to the point that they feel a confident lady will not let them shine.

I have to give them the benefit of the doubt! *Cue opened mouthed reaction*

I have to play the feminine card and empower the man! *Cue opened mouthed reaction and tumbleweeds… oh it gets better…*

I have to make a man feel like he is needed! *faints on the floor out of disbelief*

Things you will never hear me say… ‘Please can you change that lightbulb/open this jar/ check my oil levels?

One thing you will hear me say… ‘Give it here and I will do it, numpty!

Mhm… Genevieve may actually have a good point, a point I am not entirely sold on just yet, however I am going to try my best to give the whole ‘Empower the Man’ scenario and ‘3 core values to look for only’ a try and let you know how I get on.

Do you agree with the dating advice? Do you think it will work? Has it worked for you?

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