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Introducing The Chicago Town Super Slice Sabre

by S1m
Chicago Town Super Slice Sabre

Now my Weight Watchers journey is going too well at the moment to dive head first into a giant, cheesy pizza… luckily for me then that I don’t particularly like pizza… but Liv does!

The only problem I find when cooking pizza is the cutting when cooked… may sound strange but you try and find a knife that is sharp enough to simply glide through the pizza and cut with ease. Despite numerous knives in my kitchen drawer, I still find myself struggling.

Imagine my great delight then, when the lovely folks at Chicago Town pizza sent me one of their rather unique pizza cutters, the Super Slice Sabre… not only does it have a rather large round blade to easy cut through even the deepest pizza crust, but it also emits a light sabre sound.

It does what?!

I kid you not, with the simple click of a button on the stem of the pizza cutter, it does indeed emit a light sabre sound effect. It also has a precision cutting beam to ensure you are cutting the perfect slice. Could cutting pizzas actually be more enjoyable or more fun?

Chicago Town Super Slice Sabre

The fact that the substantial handle is easy to grip and the actual Chicago Town Slice Sabre is possibly the best kitchen utensil I currently own… the best bit is… you can own one yourself too!

All you need to do is simply collect special codes from promotional packs of Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas – there is a picture of the Slice Sabre on the front of the pack, so make sure you pick up the correct pizza!

You need to collect 5 promotional codes for the Slice Sabre and 9 promotional codes for the Super Slice Sabre. All codes must be entered by the 31st March 2015 at the Chicago Town website.

What are you waiting for? If you have pizza lovers in your household, this is the perfect opportunity to keep them happy and add an awesome gadget to your kitchen!

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