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What Could Be Lurking In Your Wardrobe?

by S1m
how to keep moths out of your wardrobe

Starting the new year totally afresh has left me in a rather good mood… this year I will actually decorate, well, maybe not me personally but certainly the house will have a good once over.

Not only do I have grand plans for decorating and finally hanging the stunning wallpaper in my living room, that I have had lying around for the past 18 months, but I may start investing in some lovely furniture too.

My crazy plans so far include finding an old style dressing table and giving it a modern vibe… not entirely sure how I would do this or where I would even find a dresser… at a reasonable price, but we are still only in January! I still have just over 11 months to go to put my plans into action!

how to keep moths out of your wardrobe

Having a time out from writing earlier and deciding to look for new bedroom furniture (always start with the boudoir!) I came across this really interesting article on keeping your wardrobe a moth free zone. Seriously, it made me shudder ever so slightly, I honestly thought moths simply flew around annoying you whilst being enticed by lights.

Alas, no! It turns out they eat your darn clothes too, the pesky little winged things! They also like extremely warm climates and to hide in dark corners, making your wardrobe the prime space for them to lay around 40 eggs in 3 weeks! *Cue really shocked and freaked out face… turns heating down ever so slightly*

Well, that’s definitely sorted then, I have decided to have a huge wardrobe clear out later in the week. It is too early for a ‘Spring clean’ so I shall do my best to give it a New Year overhaul. I will undoubtedly find brand new shoes I had totally forgotten about, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… I just hope I do not find any moths… hoover at the ready me thinks!

What are your plans for sprucing up your home this year? Will you be redecorating? Investing in new furniture or simply changing the layout of a room?

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle January 23, 2015 - 10:49 pm

Moths do my nut, cheers for that. We get so many – I’m sure it’s because our pesky kids never shut the curtains!!

S1m January 25, 2015 - 11:03 am

I hate them, never noticed any in my wardrobe fortunately – still reminds me I need to go through it all… zzzz… maybe next weekend! 😉


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