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Can A Tablet Organise Your Life?

by S1m
Tablets from Three Mobile

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to become slightly more organised than I was in 2014. I had a terrible tendency to forget what I was supposed to be doing and where I was supposed to be… I actually needed a diary to remind me to write in a diary I was actually that terrible at remembering things!

Fortunately I seem to have been able to keep to my resolution so far and currently, the house is still in order – well a tidy fashion anyway and I am remembering what and where I am supposed to be, even my weight loss journey is quite organised… all thanks to Three and the fantastic tablet they sent me.

Even with all the technology in our house and the fact my mobile phone is never out of sight, I am still an old school girl at heart and prefer to write notes on the backs of envelopes… and then proceed to lose misplace them! However with my new tablet, I have totally started a fresh!

The tablet has enabled me to keep a track of my calorie intake during the day and record it on MyFitnessPal, one of many apps helping me with my weight loss journey.

Tablets from Three Mobile

To ensure all my thoughts and notes are kept in one place, I have several memo apps and a calendar that keep me on track of everything I need to remember.

The list of apps available is endless and I am a huge Android fan. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has the exact same layout of my phone so it has been ridiculously easy for me to adapt to using a tablet other than the iPad, if anything, I find it much easier to use than the iPad. Liv is quite happy about this as it means she can play Plants Vs Zombies in peace!

The Top 5 Apps I recommend…

  1. MyFitnessPal – for anyone on a weight loss journey or someone who simply wants to track their daily calorie intake or exercise goals. This is the app that is certainly going to get you through.
  2. Facebook – need I say more? It is the must have app on most devices these days!
  3. WordPress – as a blogger, I need to have constant access to my WordPress dashboard and the app allows me to keep track of my blogs, even when I am out and about.
  4. S-Planner – an app that comes with Samsung devices, I love how this can sync up with my laptop, phone and tablet, meaning I am constantly up to date on what I am supposed to be doing.
  5. Plants Vs Zombies – well, everyone needs some down time every now and then and the game is quite addictive! 😉

As for being organised, has the tablet helped me? Well so far, I have almost lost a stone in my first month and I have been everywhere I needed to be, on time… it is certainly helping!

Thank you very much to Three, for sending me the tablet in order to kindly help me organise my life in 2015! 

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