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Turning Water Into… Rose Champagne!

by S1m
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I am sat here, staring at my third pint glass of the day filled with chilled bottle water, wondering what on Earth has come over me recently!

Last year seemed to whizz by in a blur of alcohol fuelled weeks, going out, the wrong men and the weight crept on slightly – did you realise there were roughly 200 calories in a pint? No! Nor did I!

When you can easily sink 10 pints like they are water and then still eat fried chicken, it’s easy to see why I put on a couple of pounds. #WeightLossWednesday is working though and my motivation to lose weight is sky high.

With one exception… I am out this weekend!

Now, I have been in pubs recently and managed on soft drinks… not this weekend though, I really do fancy a drink and I am allowed a treat after all!

Before a night out I do tend to have a drink at home first, now on occasion this hasn’t proved very wise, what with mixing drinks, but I shall be more particular with my ‘getting ready’ drink of choice this time. Something more sophisticated, a belated birthday present even, a bottle of Rose champagne me thinks! Well, it is Valentine’s Day this weekend… a glass of rose would be in keeping!

rose champagne

It has been a while since I last had a bottle and my ridiculously good behaviour recently needs to be rewarded. I cannot, however guarantee what beverages will follow the champagne. I have a feeling that Manchester city centre prices will dictate that I do not carry on with my ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ inspired start to the evening!

The training and exercise regime is being upped this week so that I can have a guilt free rest over half term. Albeit, a childfree week is the best time to start on a huge spring clean of the house and maybe even some decorating… maybe I should invest in a couple of bottles… just in case!

Written for Tesco.

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