Home Post How Tech Savvy Are You When It Comes To Buying A Television?

How Tech Savvy Are You When It Comes To Buying A Television?

by S1m

I am a huge Netflix fan… to the point that I even change the DNS codes so that I can access US Netflix… naughty I know but hey, there is even more choice for me! Though recently I have noticed that my television isn’t as bright and focused as it could be.

An oldie at almost 10 years old, it is HD compatible, though I know there are better quality and less bulky television sets on the market these days.

However, where on earth do I start? I thought I was moderate in the tech savvy stakes, but looking for a new television recently made me realise I wasn’t as up to date as I first assumed.

For instance, Panasonic 4k TV’s… what on earth is the 4k all about..? Something to do with the ‘4k display fitting four times as many pixels into the screen than even Full HD’ – I imagine it would make for very good viewing, considering you would be able to see every single flaw. You will get to see just how much make up actors and actresses actually wear, a scary amount one imagines!

4k tv

Now that I have decided upon how to decorate my living room, it would seem like the perfect opportunity to invest in a state of the art television. Decorating means that I will have to take my current tv and bracket off the wall and hope and pray that the wall is in one piece afterwards. I am actually thinking it may well be easier to place the new tv on a stand and place a mirror where the original tv used to be, it would certainly open the room up and totally change the ambience too.

So, guess what I am going to be doing this week… You guessed correctly… trying to find a new tv that is within budget, starting with looking into 4k TV’s to find out exactly how awesome they are!

A collaborative post.

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