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Enhancing My Workouts With Specialised Fitness Products

by S1m
Nuun tablets

This week’s Weight Loss Wednesday post is already something I am rather excited about, as I shall be making a big announcement. It’s a big deal for me on my personal fitness journey, something I said I would do this year and it makes me glad that I have been putting some products to the test recently that have been helping me boost my fitness routine!

Nuun tablets


Available in a range of 4 flavours, Citrus Fruit, Orange, Grape and Tri-berry, the electrolyte enhanced drink tablets turn your wate into a refreshing sports hydration drink without sugar. Perfect to add into my water bottle that I use at the gym, the tablets are the size of a 10p piece and quickly dissolve in water. The sturdy plastic capsules are great for protecting the tablets and make the more portable… in my case, making them easy to throw in my gym bag with me! They are virtually calorie free (3 calories per 240ml of water) which means I can easily justify including them in my weight loss routine. I dissolve a tablet in my 500ml bottle and find the taste to be quite pleasant – a definite change from bland water. The purpose is to keep you hydrated when you are working up a sweat and when I find myself drinking lots when I run, they are the perfect complement. You can purchase the tablets directly from Nuun for £6 a tube (12 tablets in a tube).

Adigym cream


I am still putting this to the test to see how much it can help, however when Adigym claims to enhance and produce the effects of endurance exercise, who am I to argue? The quickly absorbed gel is very easy to apply to the body – I am using it on my upper arms and tummy area. It claims to help build muscle fibre  faster to improve both muscle tone and firmness as well as burning fat more quickly… could this be just what I need? Along with all the gym sessions I am hoping this will have a positive effect! Containing Bermudan marine plankton extract (Bacillus sp) – it is a proven ingredient to enhance and speed up the release of adiponectin – a specific protein that enhances the growth of type 1 muscle fibres. Well you certainly learn something new every day, Adigym along with the shoulder and tricep press machines should certainly help tone my arms up. I am off to slather myself up now! The natural cream is available from The Skin Shop for £24.95 (150ml).



I don’t know about you, but I tend to compete with myself at the gym and will up the weights and reps whenever possible… this can lead to me struggling slightly on my rest days, especially with my shoulders and arms. The Actipatch Muscle and Joint Pain Relief is a lifesaver, as it helps to relieve the aches and pains from working out. Easily strapped onto my back with the copious amounts of medical adhesives that are included, the Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy certainly helps to ease aches. |With up to 720 minutes of usage, this lasts for ages – with the use of the On/Off switch! after using a TENS machine when I was pregnant, I assumed I would feel the same sensation, but no, nothing of the sort, the Actipatch is totally sensation free – making it easy to simply sit there in the evenings watching TV, knowing it is working away. It is small and discreet and in all fairness, quite easy to forget it is even there! Depending whether you have knee, back or muscle and joint pain, there are a range of Actipatch products to help, available from Boots for £19.99.

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