Alternative Easter Eggs From PLAYMOBIL

What first comes to mind when you think of Easter?

Cute fluffy bunnies? Lambs jumping around a luscious green field? Chocolate Easter eggs?

Ask most children and they will no doubt mention Easter Eggs above all else and there is little wonder when supermarkets have had copious amounts of Easter chocolate on their shelves since the beginning of the year! How is that going to help someone on a diet?!

Like me, you may want to go easy on the chocolate this year and show your children that Easter is about so much more than how much chocolate you can consume on one day.

Looking for an alternative to chocolate, PLAYMOBIL kindly sent us one of their Easter Eggs… something a little more egg-xciting and longer lasting than chocolate!


With 4 themes to choose from including Princess with Vanity Station, Boy with Children’s Tractor, Pirate with Rowboat and Fun at the Beach – I knew Liv would love the Princess themed egg… and I was not wrong!


The cute pink, hard cased shell easily comes apart in two sections to showcase the 27 included pieces (which are bagged!) to make the Princess and Vanity station scene. Within 5 minutes we had put together the scene and Liv was happily role playing with the Princess and her hairbrush, perfume and tiara. Liv loves sets like this and will take them everywhere with her! The pieces are easy enough to fit together, even the flowers though instructions are included however it is pretty self explanatory. Β The pieces are also large enough to not easily get lost!


I love the fact the egg is multi use, not only can it be used to store the Princess and her accessories, but it can be used to hold loom bands… and with a slot already cast on the underside of the egg, it can even be used as a piggy bank! Show me a chocolate Easter egg that will last as long!


The PLAYMOBIL Easter Egg sets are so much fun and are priced at Β£6.99 directly from the PLAYMOBIL shop.


    • S1m says:

      They are so super cute! Love the fact they will last – in previous years we have had chocolate eggs stacked up for weeks… all the fun is taken out of Easter for the fact the eggs are available from the New Year… Liv has loved the egg and realises the significance too!

  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle says:

    We love Playmobil Easter Eggs, they’re awesome, we’ve bought them many times. My kids would’nt even eat a ton of chocolate, so not only would it be bad, it’d be wasted. Much nicer to get them something that’ll last πŸ™‚

    • S1m says:

      I’d never even seen them before, I think they are a fantastic idea! Exactly, it does get wasted, I recall one Easter when I even threw out some Thorntons eggs because they hadn’t been eaten… such a waste πŸ™ x

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