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Could You Turn Your Bedroom Into A Tech Free Zone?

by S1m
Silentnight Tech Free Zone

Where has my hour gone?!

Damn the clocks going forward for British Summer Time… doesn’t very much feel that way after waking up to snow last week. I feel robbed and wish to have my extra hour of sleep  refunded… guess I will have to wait until October!

A true night owl, venturing to be before 11pm, unless with good reason, is generally the norm – then I shall spend another 30 minutes, tucked up in my nice warm pit, scanning Facebook and catching up on the news. My regular bed time routine, something I actually look forward to.

However, taking a step back, I realise that the last thing I do at night is check my phone and the first thing I do when I wake up… is check my phone. I am guessing I am not the only one!

“Browsing the internet and social media before you go to bed overloads the ‘working memory’ of the brain, leading to noisy, thought-filled sleep. Silentnight’s resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, advises turning off all tech at least 60-90 minutes before going to sleep in order to give the mind time to wind down.

Dr Nerina comments: “75% of people in the UK are not getting a good night’s sleep. As people increase the volume of technology in their homes, there are more distractions to keep them awake at night, reducing the amount of quality sleep they receive. Checking emails, social media channels and browsing the internet keeps the brain working, making it more difficult to finally switch off and fall asleep.”

Silentnight Tech Free Zone

Tech Free Zone goodies from Silentnight

Following on from this survey, the lovely people at Silentnight enquired as to whether I would be interested in a ‘Tech Free Zone’ campaign, requiring me to go without any technological device an hour before bedtime and keeping my bedroom a Tech Free Zone. I could feel the beads of sweat dripping down my face as I replied with ‘Ok, I shall give it a go…’ then, I started to panic. My phone is a lifeline, how would I cope without it?

After surviving a camping trip in the middle of nowhere last year, including no WiFi, on my return home, I still found that life carried on as normal… maybe it would be easier than expected!

After three days of turning my phone off an hour before bedtime… and the TV, I have found myself reading more. It’s easy to forget the feeling of a book in your hand, turning the pages and placing a bookmark in it when it’s time to turn in… something we take for granted these days with e-books so readily available. However, I felt calmer, more at peace – I wasn’t having to deal with the outside world and I was comfortable in my own little bubble.

Mornings being woken up by a blistering, old school alarm clock were not fun in all honesty. Gone was the cheerful melody from my phone alarm that would usually awake me from my slumber and set me up for the day. I did panic on the first morning but was more prepared for subsequent awakenings!

Silentnight Tech Free Zone

Silentnight Hippo with horrendous alarm clock

Did I have a good night’s sleep though? I seemed to have, I certainly found it easier to fall asleep as my mind was not cluttered with worrying over replying to a message or email on time or dealing with hassles of men. Even Liv enjoyed the Tech Free Zone, putting away the iPad and pulling out a book for snuggles on the sofa before bedtime – thoroughly relaxing! I would definitely recommend a Tech Free hour before bed, I have a fondness of picking up a book again, however I would have to invest in a calmer alarm clock!

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle March 30, 2015 - 6:48 pm

I should put my phone down at least half an hour before I try and sleep, I know this, and I know that I get off to sleep far more quickly when I do!

S1m March 31, 2015 - 2:35 pm

Absolutely! The world keeps turning even when we do turn our phones off… just can’t help but wonder what is happening on Facebook!


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