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Why Women Should Know How To Maintain Their Cars

by S1m

Forget the stereotypes, women love their cars. As the tired old view of gender fades away it’s time to accept that women not only take to their cars with as much relish as men but that they also want – and need – to know how to maintain their vehicles.

It’s important that you know, regardless of your gender, how to at least assess your car’s condition. You should also be responsible of getting your car checked regularly to avoid any mishaps that may result in personal injury and familiarise yourself with the sorts of common issues that you might comes across such as flat tyres, dead batteries, low oil levels etc.

Here are a few things that will help anyone – man or woman – to be able to maintain their cars…


The internet is a great research tool for just about anything. That includes everything for the motorist from resources for learning the rules of the road to video tutorials showing you how to change a flat tyre. Once you’ve learned this you’ll also need to keep items in your car to perform maintenance tasks. Your checklist should include a spare tyre, a jack, and some basic tools. Get a list together based on your internet research.

Know How to Check Your Tyre Pressure

It’s another important skill you have to learn as a driver. If your tyres are under-inflated or over-inflated, you are at risk of getting into an accident. And it’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to these things. If you ignore this you could be driving around on a potential hazard – a key reason for any maintenance of your vehicle.

Know How to Check Your Oil

It’s important to know how you change your oil and whether or not you should add more. Without this you run the risk of your car running poorly and creating long-term problems for your vehicle. Losing oil on a regular basis can be a sign of a big problem that needs expert attention. If you regularly check your oil you’ll be able to act on this at the earliest possible opportunity and hopefully save on your garage bills.

Know Your Car

It’s as simple as it sounds. Know how your car functions, and know everything that is needed to make it run properly. Go through your manual – it’s there for a reason – and work out all the functions your model has. It’s never a good idea to be trying to learn how to find your main beam lights when you desperately need them, for example.

Driving is not dependent on gender, and that goes for car maintenance as well. You don’t need to have a mechanical genius to point out the problems in your car either, the vast majority of men certainly aren’t. Don’t rely on strangers for help if ever you do encounter some problems: know your car, carry out the basics yourself, learn to spot bigger problems and have it checked regularly.  

A guest post written for Sim’s Life.

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