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Hotpoint TCFS83BGP Tumble Dryer Review – The Co-Operative Electrical

by S1m
Hotpoint TCFS83BGP Tumble Dryer

Saving money around the house, is easier than you would expect and a great place to start is looking at more energy efficient white goods.

Luckily for our house, Co-Operative Electrical very kindly sent us a Hotpoint (TCFS83BGP) Aquarius Sensor Condenser Tumble Dryer. An 8kg dryer which is perfect for the amount of washing we have in our household. In fact, the drum appears to be slightly larger than that of my old 9kg dryer, certainly lots of space!

I probably use my dryer more than I should – I have a thing about drying clothes and bedding outside and will always make sure they are fluffed up in the dryer afterwards. Hotpoint certainly know how to make appliances though and I am reassured that our new addition will last the test of time.

There are so many drying options to choose from however I find myself instinctively turning the easy to turn control dial to 2 for Standard Cotton or a timed dry for that extra bounce. It does seem to take a while for clothes to dry though so will certainly be trying out the extra options under Delicates Dry and Exclusive Care to help reduce the time the dryer is in use.

There is a Delay Timer – I’m not entirely sure about this, if I want to use the dryer, I tend to need to use it right there and then. The Fibre Care comes in handy though, it works with several options, including Standard Cotton and is slightly less harsh drying your clothes – as yet I have not endured any shrinkage, so it is working well!

There are three filters that you need to be aware of, the lint filter just inside the drum which needs cleaning each time. The water filter is located at the top left hand side of the dryer and is easy to pull out and empty out – this is expected of a condenser dryer. Also the actual condenser filter, located at the bottom left hand side of the dryer, behind a handy flap.

From previous experience, I know this condenser filter needs to be cleaned out every couple of weeks as it gets backed up with lint and water. Fitted with 3 easy to use locks, be careful when pulling the filter out to clean as there will be water dripping out. Ensure you have a towel or paper towels at the ready! Then simply clean the filter out over the sink and flush  with water from the tap to ensure all the lint comes out.

The dryer is relatively quiet when in full on drying mode and beeps to let you know when a cycle has finished. It’s smart and fits in well next to the washing machine (also Hotpoint coincidentally!).

Important information including measurements:

Depth: 623mm

Height: 850mm

Width: 595mm 

Noise level: 69 decibels

Energy Efficiency: B rating

3 Heat settings.

The Co-Operative Electrical delivery really did impress me, the guys arrived on the dot and were already waiting for me to return from the school run. Within 5 minutes my new tumble dryer was in my house and the old dryer loaded up to be taken away. They even took away all the plastic that the new dryer was wrapped in. A faultless service and fantastic communication!

So far, I am a happy bunny… albeit, it would be nice if we had an awesome summer so that I do not need to use the Hotpoint Tumble Dryer at all!

The Hotpoint TCFS83BGP Tumble Dryer is currently on sale at Co-Operative Electrical for £229.99.

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Mrs. AOK April 14, 2015 - 3:18 pm

Wow! That’s nice that they send you a dryer!!
I love that there are multiple features, because all clothes vary.
Thanks for the review.

S1m April 15, 2015 - 2:59 pm

I love all the features – I just need to start being a little more adventurous and try them all out. With the nicer weather, it seems pointless to turn it on!

Jenny @ The Brick Castle April 15, 2015 - 12:32 pm

That’s a really thorough review – and it’s reminded me that I haven’t washed the condenser filter in my tumble drier ever!! I only used it as a condenser briefly while we were having a boiler fitted thankfully.That’s pretty bad though, I’m not expecting anything like as pretty as yours :/

S1m April 15, 2015 - 2:45 pm

Thanks chick – previous experience has taught me to clean it out frequently and it will keep the dryer in tip top condition!


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