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Saving Money Online With The Zeek Gift Voucher App

by S1m

I do love any service that is going to help me save money, so when Zeek offered me a voucher recently in order to test out their service, I was happy to put the Android app to the test.

Zeek is an online marketplace app for buying and selling gift vouchers which enables a buyer to purchase a retail voucher for a reduced rate and for a seller to sell unwanted vouchers in return for some cash money.

As someone who wants slightly extra for their money, this app really appealed to me. I was able to browse through sectors such as Food & Drink, Fashion, Homeware and Technology to name a few.

I was immediately drawn to the Food and Drink section – such a voucher would help buy the half term food shop! Anyone else notice that they need to double the amount of food they have in when the children are off school?

I chose to pay £50 for a Sainsburys shopping voucher that was worth £55. If I didn’t have to be so sensible I would have selfishly chosen a clothing voucher and gone and treated myself after my recent weight loss… we all need a little incentive to carry on!


The ordering process was very simple and I love retailers who let you purchase using PayPal, simply so that I do not have to get up from my rather comfy position and find my purse! With email confirmations along the way, I was reassured that the voucher had been confirmed and would be sent to me and within 5 days, a Special Delivery envelope arrived with my voucher. I went out immediately and piled my Sainsburys trolley high and paid using the voucher with no problem at all.

It really is as simple as that!

The higher the voucher cost, the larger the saving! So if you are looking to purchase say, a new laptop, then you may find you can save a decent amount of money by purchasing a voucher towards the new piece of kit!

If you are a super savvy shopper or have unwanted gift vouchers that you would rather have money for to spend on what you wish, then check out Zeek and download on either an Apple device or Android!

Happy Shopping!

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1 comment

Morgan Prince June 8, 2015 - 1:47 pm

Zeek sounds like a good idea if you’re after something in particular. It’s always nice to save money. 🙂


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