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A Slightly More Eventful Sports Day Than Expected…

by S1m

As far as the annual school Sports Day goes, this year was as eventful as ever for several reasons…

For a start, it was 27 degrees… and we had to sit in an open field for nigh on 2 hours, with an added Frisbee class afterwards for good measure. Just in case the children were not tired enough!

It was absolutely sweltering but at least the school showed common sense for once and provided marquee’s for the children to shelter in. The parents were quite happy to top up their tans and for the most, many had taken blankets to sit on and picnic baskets with chilled refreshments… alongside tanning lotion and snacks!

Sports Day

What made Sports Day this year more eventful than ever before was the removal of the portaloo’s from the previous weekend’s local gala. I kid you not. What a day to choose… it turns out the guy collecting them was a day late… looking at him, it really did not surprise me!

Speeding onto the field (filled with children, teachers and parents) the guy was clearly in his own little world as all the teachers waving their arms around and running up to his van did not seem to deter his foot from the accelerator! #Wally!

The main races will be always be remember by the pungent smell as opposed to how well everyone did/ didn’t do/ fell spectacularly! Bork, bork, bork!

In all fairness though, nothing could detract away from the fact it was a smashing day, the weather was well and truly with us and all the children had so much fun! Frisbee lasted for all of about 15 minutes and Liv wanted to go home… which was fine by me, by that point even I had had enough and I am a true sun worshipper!

Sports Day can only mean one thing though… that the summer holidays are so imminent and I seriously cannot wait. The joy in being able to turn my alarm off a whole 6 weeks… bliss!

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

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Pamela Gurganus July 2, 2015 - 10:48 pm

My favorite workout routine is walking.

Jenny @ The Brick Castle July 5, 2015 - 4:25 pm

I can’t believe he just drove through everyone, what a div. Sometimes i’m so glad I have a crap sense of smell, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me! 😛


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