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I Have The Decorating Bug Again!

by S1m

I am going through a bit of an anti- climax mood this week. Everything I wanted to achieve this year, I have, my weight is at the lowest for a very long time, my race has been run with no major aches or pains to report and now I am twiddling my thumbs… what do I do next?

Having a slightly brainstorm session, I do have some campaigns in mind that I would love to work on, the major feature being ‘Decorate the living room’.

Oh yes, the time has finally come where I need to wave around a paintbrush again and hope for the best. Now is the time to do it and have a refresh… and a change of colour scheme!

My motivational poster, currently in pride of place in the living room!

My painting efforts aren’t the greatest and I do easily get distracted, despite starting a decorating task with all of the best intentions.

I believe a journey to a local paint store is in order to check out colour swatches and find the perfect combination for my living room.

Decorating is one thing, though accessorising is another – is it possible to completely transform a room on a ridiculously limited budget? We shall see!

The one thing I would love to change is the flooring, after having a laminate floor all the time I have lived in the house. A carpet would certainly transform the room, alongside adding character and guaranteeing warm toes, however, with a child and a dog… it is nigh on impossible at the moment. I could look into actual wood flooring which would be amazing in the North facing living room and give a real rustic feel to the room, definitely a possibility at the moment.

Currently I am thinking a lovely duck egg blue for the main feature wall in the living room, something to really brighten the room but give it a calming feel… anything has to be better than magnolia right?!


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Jenny @ The Brick Castle July 14, 2015 - 7:56 pm

I dunno.I think duck egg can be a little cold. It’s okay this time of year,but would youlike it in Winter? 🙂


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