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Finding Time To Relax With Baldwin’s Natural Products

by S1m

My intentions of having a relaxing break, were simply only ever that… intentions!

As far as a social schedule goes, mine has been jam packed and it still does not seem to be easing up. I may not have been able to jet off to sunnier climes, however, I reckon I would miss the rain too much anyway! 😉

Baldwin’s recently sent me some treats from their wonderful range in order for me to kick back and relax in peace and I was itching to use the products… it was simply a case of when to book in having a peaceful soak!

That opportunity finally arose last night as I found myself scattering Baldwin’s Moisturising Bath Salts into a steaming bath and lighting the rather calming Ylang Ylang Aroma Candle. I thought that adding the Bath Essence too would be too much, so look forward to trying that next time.


I’ve heard that Bath Salts are especially great for runners to help relax aching muscles… enriched with Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Orange and Geranium essential oils, a handful added to a bath is all you need for your bathroom to be enveloped in exotic fragrances, tempting you to dip your toe in.

All I really needed was a glass of wine and a hot man to scrub my back, but even then the absolute bliss of utter peace, quiet and relaxation would have been shattered!

Stepping out of the bath, my skin was luxuriously soft and silky to touch and felt moisturised, much more so than expected, making me want to create time for a nightly bath routine! Priced at £8.15 for a 310g Kilner style pot, I love how retro the jar is, adding to the feel of a luxury bath and body product.

The candle was the icing on the cake though, made from soy wax blend with Ylang Ylang essential oil and encased in a tin with a screw on lid to protect it, it is but one in a range of stunning aroma candles. It complemented the fragrance of the bath salts really well and felt totally relaxed. Priced at £7.29, the candle has approximately a 15 hour burning time.

The Baldwin’s entire range is very extensive and if like me, you love natural products made with essential oils that lift you up and make you feel utterly relaxed, then prepare yourself a cup of tea as you maybe perusing their website for a while! Not only do they stock Skincare and Health products… but also healthy foods and even baby products. I am holding out for nearer Christmas time to try the Baldwin’s Yuletide Aroma Candle to get me in the Christmas spirit… not much longer now!

So, if you find i have clocked off tonight, presume I have scheduled in another bath!

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Jenny @ the brick castle August 3, 2015 - 7:27 pm

That looks so lush,I haven’t had a bath in ages – I’m quite jealous – lovely to give as gifts at Christmas 🙂 I think they were very mean not sending you a hot dude to keep pouring hot water in and scrub your back for you 😉

S1m August 5, 2015 - 11:05 am

The products are absolutely divine and are perfect to give as gifts – yes, a hot dude would have been a nice addition – would certainly make for an epic review! 😉 x


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