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Weight Watchers New Nostalgic Bourbon And Custard Creams Biscuits Range

by S1m
Weight Watchers Biscuits


My name is Sim…

And I am a snacker.

For all my sins, snacking has been my downfall over the years – more content with a good biscuit over a chocolate bar, it was the first thing I attempted to control when I started my fitness kick, at the start of this year.

Now 3 and a half stone lighter, I realised my penchant for crisps, biscuits and anything savoury quite frankly, had been a big instigator in my comfort eating… along with drinking.

When dieting, it can be heartbreaking to give up on the little treats you so desperately crave, though fear not as Weight Watchers have introduced some nostalgic biscuits to their already awesome range of foods.

Weight Watchers Biscuits

Bourbons and Custard Creams are absolutely legendary in the biscuit world! I grew up knowing that the last Bourbon biscuit was more precious to my Dad than even the last Rolo! So to be able to chomp on a much loved favourite, without having to stray too far away from your daily points allowance – or worry about having ‘the guilt’ about eating something you shouldn’t, is great news to any dieters ears (or eyes in the case of this post!)

Weight Watchers Biscuits

With a slight twist on the originals, the Bourbon Creams are a chocolate biscuit containing real Belgian chocolate and cocoa cream with a ProPoints value of 1 per biscuit and 51 calories.

The Custard Creams, which are my favourite by far are a crisp biscuit containing real Madagascan vanilla and topped with a diamond shaped layer of vanilla cream. Each Custard Cream is 1 ProPoint and 52 calories.

When your teeth sink into the vanilla cream, that’s when you know that 1 ProPoint is totally worth it. The biscuit simply melts in your mouth, with the crisp biscuit giving you a rather indulgent bite.

Whether you are following the Weight Watchers diet or not, the biscuits simply are a must try and are the perfect dunking accompaniment for any cup of tea. Not so much for a cup of black coffee though! With an RRP of £1.69 for a pack of 12 biscuits, which are free from artificial flavours and preservatives, the biscuits are available from Sainsbury’s.

Thank you to the lovely Weight Watchers team for sending me several packets of the new range of biscuits, along with the fantastic mug… to remind me I do need to keep working!

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Lucy September 23, 2016 - 8:03 pm

Are you being paid to write this? Surprising how many blogs including ‘good for dunking’ and ‘twist on the origial’. As a biscuit they are fine but as a custard cream (my fav) these are absolutely awful, especially when the cream layer is barely there! By definition a custard cream biscuit is a layer of cream between biscuit. It’s not a twist it’s just a completely different biscuit and should not be sold as a custard cream! False advertising is illegal and the only reason I bought these biscuits was due to their description and misleading images. Not impressed and not impressed at anyone who claims to be an independent blogger and biscuit lover who supports misleading the public.

S1m September 26, 2016 - 9:36 am

Whilst I appreciate the time and effort it took to find my blog, read the post and then comment, I do think your time could have been better spent in contacting Weight Watchers about their biscuits. You clearly are quite knowledgeable on custard creams – however to rock up into my crib and tell me my personal opinion is incorrect is rather brazen. With the custard on the outside, I personally find this a ‘twist’ on the original biscuit. You purchased the biscuits from the description and presumably the image on the packet? I’m guessing that you ate the whole pack and was surprised when you didn’t lose any weight. If you have a love for original custard creams, then my suggestion would be to stick to what you know. Many thanks.


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