Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 34 #WeightLossWednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 34 #WeightLossWednesday

Welcome to Weight Loss Wednesday Linky Week 34.

How are you all doing this week?

It has been a better week for me so far in the fact that I have managed to eat food. Wahey, success! Even managed a bottle of wine too, so things are on the lookup! Thank you all for your lovely messages last week!x

Exercise has been demoted recently due to Liv being home. Too much time has been spent sat down gossiping at play centres, children’s parties and just generally being lazy and enjoying a break. Now though, I have the guilt… the ultimate guilt… I have not been to the gym in over a week and I am absolutely craving it now. My body is becoming too used to slazing (my new word… a form of slobbing and lazing!) and I really do not like it, so I brought the bike out of temporary retirement last night and cracked on whilst watching Emmerdale.

Having not run for over a week, I know it will be tough to get back into it, despite having a sprint session during a torrential downpour at the weekend!

Water and coffee consumption has remained the same… an eyebrow was raised whilst asking a girl to put another spoonful of coffee in my drink… I like my coffee, like I like my men, strong and hot! I possibly do need to limit myself to 4 or 5 mugs a day at some point!

Now that I am eating again, I have finally started taking the XLS Medical Max Strength tablets that were kindly sent to me, around the same time I started on the New You Plan. Clinically proven, XLS Medical are the first slimming aid to help reduce calorie intake from the dreaded carbs, sugars and fats. You simply take two tablets, up to 30 minutes before the two largest meals of your day. As simple as that really and using XLS Medical meant that I did not feel as guilty when I had a Chinese meal at the weekend! I just need to remember to always make sure the handy pot is in my bag when I am out and about!

My weight loss is maintaining itself at the moment, which is fantastic, considering I expected the weight to pile on once I started eating again. I know I cannot rely on the tablets solely to help me and my eating habits do need to regulate and get back onto the healthy eating track again.
With one more week of the summer holidays to go, I know that as of next Tuesday, everything will be fine again and I can crack on as before… lord help anyone who is on my favourite treadmill next Tuesday!

Have you ever tried a slimming aid in order to help with weight loss?

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  1. Amanda Walsh

    So pleased you had a much better week! I have in the past tried Formolline which is a similar type of thing I think,

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much chick, that means a lot! I have never heard of Formolline but will look into them. Personally I believe tablets are a placebo… if you think they will work, then they will… it’s going to be an interesting test!

  2. Mrs TeePot

    I’ve never tried weight loss aids like pills, I’ve been tempted in the past but I know it would be easy for me to get obsessive about weight loss so am trying to do it the healthiest way possible, i.e. no diet, just portion control, healthy foods and more exercise.

    1. S1m

      Losing weight the healthy way is the best way to ensure successful long term weight loss. Portion control is certainly the way forward and cutting out all the bad stuff. Hope you are having a good week chick xx

  3. Leanne Cornelius

    Great to hear you’re eating again, and drinking the all important wine! I’m not a fan of weight loss aids, I’ve tried them in the past but prefer to follow a good old diet nowadays.

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much chick… not as much as my belly is no doubt, but still not able to eat properly 🙁 The bottle of wine was much needed but water all the way now. It’s interesting to see how the XLS help me maintain on a bad day but it will be nice to try them out properly and see the full benefit! x

  4. Sam

    I have to say I have never tried a weight loss pill before they’ve always seemed like a too goo to be true kinda deal. I’m glad to hear that things are on the up and you are getting back on track with eating and working out.Try not to feel too guilty though.

  5. mummymelton

    So glad you’re feeling better & yay to food & wine :). I’ve never used a slimming aid but I’d think about it, will be interested to see how you get on. Thanks for linking up with #FitnessFriday

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