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Running With My Mini Me

by S1m

Fitness has been my biggest focus this year and my toughest challenge to date. I’ve probably bored you all silly with my weekly moans about weight loss and daft eejits at the gym but hey… 36 weeks into the year and everything seems to be falling into place.

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off for breathing space, but getting back on track now is going to be so much easier with all the new equipment at the gym… which should be in situ by the end of the month, I did check this week! Bring. It. On!

Realising I have been running for a year this week was quite astonishing. For a start, where has that time gone, but also… I am still enjoying running. Who knew?! I completed my race this year and felt such a buzz about it at the time, that it would be a shame not to line another up for 2016.

I pushed the limits this week by running at a higher gradient at the gym and still managed a 2K PB over the time, which I was impressed about, something must definitely be paying off.

It is getting colder now though and as I am not a fairweather runner (I dislike the rain, despite living in Manchester!), the new treadmills at the gym will certainly be put through their paces!

The greatest thing about running, is the fact anyone can join in, meaning that Liv has enjoyed running with me. All thanks to Brantano who sent her a lovely pair of Hi-Tec Fulcrum running trainers (currently priced at a reasonable £20 as a web exclusive). I lived in Hi-Tec’s when I was younger so it seemed a very sensible choice for Liv. The two large velcro straps offered greater support than I imagined and I have found them easy to clean… you know what children are like, especially when your child likes to play in a ditch with her friends!

Knowing that she had running trainers, just like her mummy, but less pink, really encouraged her and she has been a fantastic pacer, but I shall have to retire her now due to the weather… and the fact that her feet are growing and she needs new trainers!  I was really impressed with the range of shoes available for children at Brantano, so shall definitely be having a mooch on their site!

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Jenny @ The Brick Castle September 12, 2015 - 8:09 pm

Hi-Tec trainers are great-allof our kids have had them 😉

S1m September 14, 2015 - 11:22 am

I love them! I used to live in mine when I was younger… just as Liv has lived in hers too. Super comfy, protective and they have helped her run a little quicker too! 😉


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