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The Power Of Twitter: First Dates… You Need Me!

by S1m
First date

As Friday night’s go, mine was the usual… simply chilling on the sofa, chatting with my buddies and catching up on my guilty pleasures from the week. A couple of fantastic series started last week, namely Ballers (for my Rock fix), Gogglebox and First Dates.

First Dates is a definite cringeworthy watch, however you cannot look away. I am not a fan of a meal on a first date, for me it feels too claustrophobic. If you know it isn’t working, then you can make your excuses and simply part on good terms. A meal is a whole different ball game as you have to stick it out.

Nonetheless, I have always wanted to appear on First Dates, Northerners definitely shine on the show due to their charisma and sense of humour – no ‘resting bitch faces’ for us… what’s all that about? Have half of these women ever heard of smiling?

First Dates

Can you imagine me on TV though? In that first date scenario? Surely it would be a must watch for my facial expressions alone!

So, I thought I would tweet this nugget out to my very lovely Twitter followers and they agreed… First Dates needs me.

Then this happened…

They realised they did!

Alas, with only a week to arrange childcare, dog care, an outfit and get my head together in rapid form, it was impossible to get ready in time.

With epic planning and foresight, it would be great to apply for the next series, just for a laugh more than anything and to try something new. Keeley from Phat Cupcake has agreed to apply with me for the next show, which is super cool… having a home bird along for the experience. We would totally rock the show! However, it would just be my luck that I was partnered with someone named Dave. I wonder if you could specify that that didn’t happen… I guess I shall just have to give it a go and find out! Just goes to show how powerful Twitter can be!

In the meantime, Keeley and I are arranging a Speed Dating night out in Manchester, so be prepared for our honest opinions of the night out and gold plated gossip!

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