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Watching Legend – Single Girl In The City Style

by S1m
Legend Tom Hardy

I finally did it!

I finally took myself off to the cinema to watch ‘Legend’… I had a date with the sexiest person ever… myself! Ha, it was truly awesome and I have no idea why I have not taken myself off the cinema on my own before now.

No-one looked at me strangely – except one guy, however I put this down to the fact he had possibly recognised me. No-one batted an eye lid and no-one actually cared that I was there on my own. Which considering the film stars Tom Hardy… twice… is a bonus really, as it meant I could happily drool and sigh without offending any man that I was with.

Legend was not really what I was expecting, this however does not mean that the film was a flop, far from it. It was the story line that confused me to begin with. I walked in expecting lots of fisty cuffs and gangster speak (of which there was quite a lot – if the C word offends you, you may well be offended quite a lot), however what materialised was almost an insight into the minds of the Kray twins. Watching how they dealt with certain scenarios on a psychological level.

Reggie Kray was crazy in love and the format of the film was based around his love and marriage to Frances. Ronnie Kray was clearly just crazy!

Tom Hardy was undoubtedly the best actor for the job, by far his portrayal of both Kray twins was the best casting for these characters that I have ever seen. The actor is well known for his perfectionism for the particular character that he plays – but to play both twins, with different flaws and characteristics was a triumph.


Reggie’s well known furrowed brow and the way he held his cigarette – Ronnie’s rather menacing stare – all were perfectly captured by Tom Hardy and made the film even more riveting. Legend was not as gritty as I expected and as such, viewers got to see a softer side to the pair – well Reggie more than Ronnie. I do not condone crime in anyway shape or form and obviously the victims of the atrocious crimes carried out by the twins have every sympathy. At the end of the day, the Kray twins were just people, who took the wrong path and inevitably paid for their crimes by both dying in their respective prisons.

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