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Date Night Decorating – A Total Room Transformation

by S1m

It appears I had an epiphany recently… I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to wallpaper my living room myself! I am not entirely sure how it will work out but keep your fingers crossed.

My way to prepare for my decorating ‘moment’ was to purchase a new TV… I do not have any actual decorating materials at the moment, but still, I was hoping that in some random ‘Sim’ fashion, having a new TV would actually spur me on. It has somewhat worked, to the point of searching for the perfect wallpaper for my living room feature wall.

My living room, it really does need some serious thought on the feature wall front. Clearly my boudoir is where all the magic happens, but the living room sets the tone and ideally would have sultry atmosphere.

I’ve been checking out the Graham & Brown selection of wallpapers and their vast range has me stumped. Where do I start? Narrowing it down to a preferred colour would help. I’m ideally looking for a colour that radiates passion, is sensual and simply oozes sexiness.

Surely it can only be one colour, my ultimate favourite… PURPLE!

Purple is perfect for adding a touch of romance and elegance to any room and is ‘the’ colour to set the tone for ‘Date Night’. It really does help to have a theme in mind when decorating and yes, I believe ‘Date Night’ is it!

With the colder nights setting in, I have recently conquered my fear of lighting candles (I hate wasting them!) and much prefer the calmer, dimmer lighting… wouldn’t purple mood lighting be ridiculously cool though?

So, with the colour Purple in mind for setting the mood, what would adorn my living room?

Graham and Brown

A lighter coloured Gloriana Mulberry purple wallpaper from Graham & Brown. A lighter featured wall would brighten up the room ever so slightly and allow for darker shades of purple in accessory form, without it being overpowering. Silver accessories adoring the room too and candles… lots of candles.

Purple mood lighting, ok, so this is lighting on a plane, but surely it could not be that hard to have it in my living room?

Lounging seductively can only be achieved with a chaise longue right? With a shag pile rug to laze on when required.

Yes, I do believe, if I could trust my near 7 year old mini me and lazy dog enough to keep everything pristine, then yes, my lounge would be purple. Alas, I fear that shall not happen for the next couple of years… but I can still prepare!

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medina grillo October 7, 2015 - 10:55 pm

Love the post – and the deep purple of the sofa!

S1m October 8, 2015 - 11:53 am

Thank you so much! Purple really is just ‘that’ colour that is simply perfect! The Chaise Longue is stunning!


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