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How To Catch A Cheating Partner

by S1m
Ways to Catch A Cheating Partner

With the nation absolutely riveted by the recent BBC drama ‘Doctor Foster‘, the programme concluded in spectacular fashion last night as the scorned Doctor Foster, exacted her calculated revenge on her cheating husband.

Gripped by an ever increasing level of intrigue, viewers have been left wondering, week by week, how Doctor Foster would actually deal with her husband’s indiscretion. Would she carry on pretending to be oblivious or would she make it very well known how much she knew?

Many viewers will have questioned what their own actions would be if faced with that situation. I’m not entirely sure if I should pre-warn potential men about what would happen but dangly objects and a silver platter spring to mind! I am sure Gogglebox will pick up on the final part of the series this week, which will be somewhat amusing!

Week by week a picture was painted and viewers saw how Doctor Foster picked up titbits of information and pieced together all the information to paint a larger picture.

Ways to Catch A Cheating Partner

If you have your sneaking suspicions about your own partner though, where do you even begin?

Here is a somewhat ‘Sim’ style list of Ways To Catch Your Cheating Partner

  • Check phone(s) for pictures, videos, messages and contact names you may not recognise… then there are private messages on social media platforms. Blitz everything with a fine tooth comb and always check for a ‘burner phone’ – the 2nd phone that never sees the light of day in your presence. Who needs a 2nd phone anyway?
  • One thing we learned from Doctor Foster is not to trust everyone you call a friend, when faced with this scenario as they may actually already be aware of what is happening. If you have suspicions, then be cautious and enlist the help and advice of a select few.
  • Is your partner spending longer periods of time away from the house/family? Does your partner lie about where they have been? If a regular pattern is emerging, then peace of mind (either way) could be restored if you followed your partner or had a close ally follow them for you. If you have a healthy bank balance, private investigators such as Global Investigations can be enlisted to gather any information you require and will attain it without raising suspicion.

Never trust that your partner will simply admit to their indiscretions when confronted. Always make sure you have hard evidence that they cannot wiggle out of.

My other top tip, which may not actually be that helpful, but certainly applies to all walks of life…

Play the game, but play it even better!

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle October 8, 2015 - 11:43 am

To be brutal, if you are doing any of that list, split up. Relationships are built on trust, and if you have none, there is no play – game over.

S1m October 8, 2015 - 11:52 am

Very wise words lovely! Some people are not as brutal as you or I though! 🙁


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