Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 42 #WeightLossWednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky – Week 42 #WeightLossWednesday

Welcome to Weight Loss Wednesday Linky week 42!

Thank you to all the superstars who linked up last week – you all rock and reading about your journeys spurs me on to complete mine.

Which, at this rate will be the weekend. Yes folks, at the weekend, providing all goes well and I stay clear of food and alcohol… I will finally hit my initial weight loss target that I set at the beginning of the year… and the beginning of the Weight Loss Wednesday linky.

Somewhat anti-climatic really, I should have hit the target sooner, but with events and social occasions popping up, it was very hard for me to refuse. Who can say no to a free bar anyway?!

However, what do I do once I have hit my initial target? I am fully aware that I shall still not be happy and will want to lose a further stone. Has anyone ever hit their initial target and been truly happy or will we always want more and to push ourselves that little bit further?

I know that by pushing myself a little further, I will allow for blips over Christmas – though I feel that the hardest part of this journey will hit me face on when I do hit my target.


Ack, I have thoughts about it so many times but it still does not seem real. Life is so easy at the moment by using the New You Plan… the control over eating has been taken out of my hands entirely but I will have to take charge at some point. When I do eat, I am being considerate about the food I consume and love going to the gym but is it actually enough to keep the weight from creeping back on?

Weight Loss Wednesday Linky

I’ve said it before and I shall say it again, Slimming World seems to be a very viable option. It seems to work so well for all those who link up with Weight Loss Wednesday and from viewing all the meal plans and images the diet will allow me to eat the foods I love… just in moderation. Moderation is definitely going to be the key.

It appears that as one journey ends, another will start… who else is going to be on the maintenance journey with me?

Do you have any tips on how to maintain weight loss?
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  1. Mrs TeePot

    For me my initial target was just that, an initial target, something to get me going, a goal to aim for that I could reach sooner rather than in a year or more. So for me I still have a long way to go with my weight loss, I wont be aiming to maintain for a long time yet.
    Having said that, I do think that moderation is key, and allowing yourself to enjoy food and drink and life in general. Maintaining is about changing your food habits I think.

  2. Cheryl Pasquier

    Well go you ! I know what you mean about it being an anticlimax and still wanting to go further, but now is the time to drag out the before and after photos and see how far you’ve come, not just in weight and size but also fitness, energy and positivity. You rock !!

  3. amanda walsh

    Amazing that you are going to hit target! I have a long way to go to target, but I already think about how to maintain once there

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