Halloween Craft Kits From Baker Ross

Halloween Craft Kits From Baker Ross

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Whilst most people are gearing up to decorate their homes for Halloween, I am simply preparing to decorate mine! A huge task, one I am already starting to worry about – but wallpapering a feature wall in the living room when you have never wallpapered before should be fine… shouldn’t it?!

Halloween Craft Kits From Baker Ross

With a child free half term week planned so that I can crack on with all my grand decorating plans, Liv and I have already been preparing for Halloween with the help of the latest Baker Ross Halloween inspired themed kits.

As you may be aware, we do get to review the latest Baker Ross kits, for which not only is Liv a huge fan, but also myself! The kits are a fantastic way for children to be engaged and entertained, especially as we are now faced with months of rainy days!

Baker Ross

Simple enough for children to understand, but plenty of fun for adults to help with too, we have had lots of fun recently with the new Halloween range. Baker Ross have kits for many occasions, but the themed packs are always very special – and the Halloween range offers something for all creative trick or treaters!

Sewing together ridiculously cute and colourful hedgehog cushion sewing kits, of which there are two in a pack. priced at £4.70 – Liv has one and I have one too, everything you need to complete the set is included in the set.

Baker Ross Hedgehog

Halloween top hat craft kits are next on the agenda to complete and dependant on the head sizing, I may even be able to wear one on Halloween! The 3 hat pack is priced a £2.70 – you will need embellishments and colouring pens in order to decorate.

Baker Ross

I am loving the Day Of The Dead Foam Stickers (105 in a pack for £2.99) in order to decorate the hats and anything else quite frankly, they really are that funky and I am equally as obsessed with stickers as Liv is!

If you are a crafty type then the Baker Ross website is an absolute delight, everything you need is on there and I am already very excited in the run up to Christmas to see what other kits are available.

I just wish that decorating my living room was as easy as completing Baker Ross sets… no-one really sends you ‘everything in one kit’ sets for wallpapering unfortunately. It would be very handy!


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  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    You’ve got to love those embellishments! It reminds me of Baron Samedi the voodoo guy from James Bond’s Live And Let Die 😀

    1. S1m

      YEEEEEES!!!!!! That is exactly what I thought! Love that film! The foam stickers are so colourful and well made! Baker Ross rock!xx

  2. Cheryl Pasquier

    Haha I feel your pain, I spent all afternoon repapering the toilet yesterday ! The good thing is, if you have any bits that don’t join, you can cover them up with the skull stickers and make it a feature !! 😉

    1. S1m

      If I could sporadically place them around the house, I would do! They are awesome!x

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