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What Is Your All Time Favourite Christmas Advert?

by S1m

There is no denying Christmas is upon us! Shops are stocked to the rafters with gifts and decorations and I have already prepared the Christmas dinner in my own head. The reality is that it will look more like I have cooked it than Nigella… I really must stop watching cookery programmes before bed!

Alas, there really is one thing that I do get quite excited about in the run up to Christmas… the traditional¬†Christmas advert!

No, not those awful repetitious toy adverts that result in the usual cries of ‘Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Please can I have that?’ for the whole ad break. *Slowly walks out of the room and pours a black coffee*

I am talking about the special Christmas adverts that resonate somewhat, that take us back to our own childhoods, the adverts that we sing along to such as Toys R Us… is it really just me?

We have to take our hats off to the fabulous creative agencies such as RPM who work tirelessly for months to bring us Christmas adverts that warm our cockles and get us in the mood – some can be questionable, but those are the ads we also remember… genius move!

Coca Cola truck Sims Life

So, what is the favourite Christmas advert of all time? Many surveys have been conducted, including a survey last year in The Telegraph, which highlighted what we already knew. The annual Coco-Cola advert was the most popular of all time! First shown back on our screens in 1992, ‘The Holidays are coming’ is a line we await every year. The Coco-Cola truck has now taken to making special appearances around in the UK in the run up to Christmas due to its notoriety!

John Lewis adverts are always quite emotive and heart warming, with the backing music fitting the scenes that unfold perfectly, with Monty the Penguin, the John Lewis advert from last year being my favourite from the store so far!

What gets you in the Christmas mood? Do you have a favourite Christmas advert?

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