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Lighting The Way This Christmas!

by S1m
Arndale Christmas Lights

There is something about wandering around at night time, all wrapped up, being dazzled by twinkling Christmas lights. I really do love this time of year and am beyond excited by the Manchester Christmas markets opening tomorrow!

Having strolled through the Manchester Arndale shopping centre earlier in the week, only a total Scrooge would have failed to raise a smile at the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights lining the way.

It is something I miss about London. Christmas was always a bustling hive of activity around the city centre but there was always time to stop and admire the world famous Christmas lights in Oxford Street and Regent Street… the huge Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square… London really does gear up for Christmas.

Having not had chance to enjoy a holiday this year, I have been checking out cheap London hotels for Liv and I to travel down, so that we can go and spend time with friends and check out London at Christmas time. It would be great to be in the heart of it all and I know it is something that Liv would be totally mesmerized by! There are some great deals at the moment and a 2 hour journey by train would pass quite quickly. Unfortunately we are a little too late at organising to travel down this weekend – a shame as the Regent Street Christmas light switch on is happening on Sunday 15th November. Darcey Bussell will be switching the iconic lights on at 6pm, with plenty of fun things happening on the day.

It’s just all so romantic and makes me want to watch Love Actually on repeat! Alas, I look out of the window at the Manchester rain and anywhere would be an improvement right now! Hibernating with a stash of chocolate and a stack of Christmas movies sounds like a great idea for the weekend, with Elf being first on the list!

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle November 16, 2015 - 7:25 pm

Aww the Christmas lights are so pretty – I really was impressed with the Arndale, but I bet they truly are awesome in London.


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