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Designing Your Own Room – What Would It Be?

by S1m

My recent foray into decorating has really spurred me on to transform my house and make the most of the space I have. Clearly budgets are limited and despite all my grand plans, it will most likely be a case of a lick of paint throughout the house.

However if I were to have total free reign over home improvements, what would I actually change?

A friend of mine has a fantastic attic space, complete with stairs in the middle of the room. It is a wonderful, light, airy space that is the perfect reading room/ work space. To have a room like this, totally away from the rest of the house (and housework) would be fantastic for work productivity and inspiration. The space appears larger given the choice of window. You would be surprised at how much a VELUX window opens up a room and adds so much light to a space.

My parents have a huge electronic VELUX window complete with a blind and mosquito net in their spare room and my mum always mentions how much it has transformed not only the room, but the whole house.

So, it is safe to say a writing room would be first on my list!

I’ve mentioned before that I would love a home gym, with a treadmill, all the machines I love the most and more importantly… Sky Sports. A room away from it all! Needless to say my home gym would probably end up being the size of my house… so for the moment, it is easier to continue attending my local gym and getting out and about, in the company of others.

Clearly, I would be expecting someone else to transform my house… I struggle with the concentration to paint a room… I will stick to what I know best… dreaming of what improvements I would like!

If you could design your own room, just for you to use… what room would it be?

A collaborative post.

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle November 17, 2015 - 9:19 pm

I used to have a bedroom in the attic and it gets sooooo hot at times, the window becomes the most important thing!

Barrie November 20, 2015 - 11:03 pm

I would make my master bedroom bigger! Of all the houses we’ve owned or rented, this room is by far the smallest! You can’t open the small closet door fully as the bed’s in the way and there isn’t anywhere else for the bed to go or it blocks the (Small) master bathroom door or the bedroom door!


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