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Weird Driving Laws You May Be Breaking!

by S1m
Weird driving laws

After cruising around in a snot mobile for a day and paying a ridiculously large bill, my car is serviced and fully prepared for Winter driving… ok, well not quite, but I did purchase some de-icer. Progress!

Weird Driving Laws You May Be Breaking!

The guys at my local garage are awesome, after being a customer for the last 8 years, they have never treated me as a ‘woman who knows nothing about cars’, even when I became a single parent. If anything, they go out of their way to help and make me feel valued… sometimes playing the damsel in distress works!

Driving is one of my many pleasures in life and since the summer have certainly put some miles on the clock. All worth it of course! Generally people travelling in my car will exit having learned new words and phrases. I cannot say that I am the most laid back driver in the world and do have a certain disdain for German car drivers. They warrant a beep and blasphemous phrase every so often!

Though recently I have found myself smiling more whilst driving and turning the air blue much less – which is a godsend really, for other drivers, as well as myself!

As, did you know that beeping your horn in annoyance is actually against the law!?! Now, I have never known anyone actually ‘be done’ for this crime, however I expect if you catch a person of the law on a really bad day, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. The thing with having been a driver for the last 15 years is that you do become complacent, you do find yourself pulling manoeuvres that would no doubt have seen you fail your test. Simpson Millar have highlighted some crazy driving laws we may never have realised we were breaking before. Maybe drivers who drive too slowly should take note! Check out their ‘Are you really driving legally?’ infographic for fun driving  facts you probably never knew!

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Weird driving laws

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle November 24, 2015 - 6:27 pm

It’s astounding how little people know about driving really – although I didn’t know about the taxi’s and I’ll have to remember not to hail one if I even catch the plague! 😀


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