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Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For All Ages

by S1m
Sim's Life Christmas Gift Guide

For Christmas Gifts that cross over all ages, it can be difficult to find something suitable, here are some gift ideas that even big kids will enjoy!

Qi Desktop Sandcastle

Who doesn’t love building sandcastles? On a hot summer’s day, digging away in the sand… worriedly glancing at anyone who dares come close to your  grand design. Building sandcastles isn’t just for children, the Qi Desktop Sandcastle available from John Lewis priced at £13.99 is aimed at children 6 years plus, however with the ability to mould, sculpt and play… I am sure adults would find it rather therapeutic! No larger than a juice cup, the sandcastle even comes with its own flag!

BIC Stationery

BIC Pens

Stationery is always such a huge hit at Christmas, especially in our house! Liv can always find pens… oddly enough, I can’t! BIC have such an amazing range of pens, pencils and everything that makes a stationery lover turn giddy. Ranging from the original favourite ‘4 colours in 1’ pen to funky coloured Cristal ball pens. (I may have already commandeered the purple pens and hidden them away!). The ‘Kids’ range of stationery is so colourful, with Mechanical Pencils that are shorter, yet stubbier in order to aid correct finger positioning. BIC products are available from stationery stores and supermarkets.

the book of everyone


The Book of Everyone

For an extra special gift this Christmas, The Book of Everyone is literally aimed at everyone! Personalise it for any member of your family or friends and surprise them with a gift they will not be able to put down! The milestone edition features personalised facts and amazing statistics, all related to the recipient of the book from the year they were born. A celebration of the person the book is intended for, it offers a nostalgic glimpse into events that occurred in the year they were born. With the ability to select colours for the book cover, the recipient’s name also features on the book cover and the spine. A personalised message greets the reader on the first page, before you delve into awesome facts (which can be personalised when in the editing process). Making a truly remarkable keepsake gift not just for Christmas, but for all other special occasions, prices range from £7.50 for a digital edition to £49.50 for a deluxe edition. The softback edition is £19.50. The whole process takes less than a minute, it is ridiculously quick – along with delivery, so there is still time to order if you are looking for a unique Christmas gift!

the book of everyone

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Jenny @ thebrickcastle November 30, 2015 - 3:39 pm

I am currently ordering one of those books for my son, and they have a lot of pages!! I like the idea of the sandcastle, but just for me though, they’d all make too much mess!

S1m December 2, 2015 - 12:19 pm

A lot of pages! I was amazed at some of the facts – it really is a great idea and a wonderful keepsake! 🙂
For adults, it is not messy… for children though… a great stress reliever though! x

GiGi Eats December 2, 2015 - 11:04 pm

A desktop sandcastle?! NOW THAT is pretty cool, however I feel like I would make a huge mess with it!


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