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Christmas Gift Guide: Toys and Games

by S1m
Sim's Life Christmas Gift Guide

Walking around toy shops at the moment is blowing my mind, there are too many toys, games, dolls and more to choose from! If you are feeling exactly the same… don’t worry, here are a few ideas for ideal toys to gift this Christmas

Illuminated Moon Globe

Displaying an amazing smaller and closer view of the moon, this amazing moon globe from Brainstorm even illuminates at night time to offer a wonderful night light and decorate the room in a wonderful magical light.

Detailing geographical feature’s of the Earth’s moon, the globe offers a fascinating insight into the moon including craters, seas and even where the Apollo moon missions landed. At 22.8cm, the globe is a very good size – a unique gift to give, requiring 4 x C batteries, so make sure you stock up before hand! Available from Amazon and other good stockists, with a RRP of £30.

Olaf slush maker

Olaf Slush Maker

Do you want to make a slushie?! Well, with this Olaf Slush Maker you will! The perfect gift for any Frozen fan! Simply add ice and juice, to make a sweet and flavoursome slushie, push down Olaf’s twigs, turn the handle at the back of Olaf and voila… your very own Olaf slushie drink! Part of the fantastic Sambro range of Frozen toys and games, this is a toy that will not look out of place in your kitchen and does not require batteries! Available to buy directly from Amazon and other good stockists, with a RRP of £24.99.

Sweet Care Spa Body Salon

Sweet Care Spa Body Salon

Offering the ultimate in spa experiences, this may stop Liv raiding my body and skincare products! The Body Salon set includes a massager with interchangeable heads which changes into a tattoo roller, alongside lots of accessories, such as bracelet beads and a fully illustrated booklet of ideas and health tips… and glitter, don’t forget the glitter, what more do you need at Christmas?! You can even create your own face mask! Ideal for children aged 5 years plus, the Sweet Care Spa Body Salon is just one of the Sweet Care Spa range from Sambro. Available from Amazon priced at £17.90 and other good stockists.


I totally love games like this as they provide fun for all the family! With varying levels of play and difficulty, this game will hone your concentration, dexterity and patience skills (all needed in my house!). With a storage bag included, Balanstix hardly takes up any room, can easily be stored away and is perfect for travelling at Christmas, but the fun that this game can offer is endless! By balancing the lightweight rod and saucer that locks in, simply add the stix to the available slots on the saucer… start off easy to begin with and maybe in a room with space, but you will find the rod can be balanced anywhere! Part of the Maps Toys range, available from Amazon with a RRP of £14.99.

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