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Cool Design Ideas To Keep You Warm This Winter

by S1m
Ice Q restaurant

Whilst it is so easy for us to complain about Winter, how cold it is, how much it has rained – careful, I am from Manchester, it rains every day – people in much colder countries than the UK celebrate the colder weather and have fully adapted to it.

Check out the rather impressive Ice Q Restaurant that I stumbled across on IdeasDesign.today.

You have to admit that there is some serious skill with the design. Some may consider that architecturally it may be very box like in design and not as cutting edge as some of the world’s most stunning buildings… however, it totally just fits into the landscape like a hand in a glove.

The restaurant is located in Sölden one of the most expensive alpine and ski resorts in the Ötztal Valley, already making it widely known… however, due to Ice Q’s futuristic look, it is easy to understand why segments of the latest James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ were filmed at the restaurant.

Definitely a restaurant I would love to dine in… just one slight problem… I cannot ski!

Ice Q restaurant

Fear not, if like me you aren’t really a fan of icy temperatures and don’t feel you can adapt as much as the Ice Q restaurant, what about preparing your home with small winter decor features that can keep you cosy?

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can feel quite cold during winter, but if you too have a god and a child, you will understand that carpet just really isn’t an option. Rugs are a great way to transform a room without a great outlay and you really can be as daring as you wish. The added benefit is that you can simply swap your rug for a new one if you fancy a change.

Fur throws

Adding faux fur throws over your couch and chairs really does add another dimension to you room and makes it so cosy that you will not want to move! The perfect comforter during the colder months and they can easily be removed and stored when the weather starts to improve.

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