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The Grand Opening Of The PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar

by S1m
PLAYMOBIL advent calendar

It’s December 1st and you know what that means… not only are we in the Christmas month, but December 1st also means that advent calendars can be opened! There was much excitement in our house this morning as not only did Liv get to open her usual Cadburys chocolate advent calender, but also the rather cool PLAYMOBIL Unicorn Fairyland advent calendar.

It has been sitting on our mantlepiece for a week now and Liv has been examining it every day trying to guess which figure would come first in the rather charming PLAYMOBIL advent calendar unicorn fairyland setting. Complete with a cardboard stage for all the figure, every day is going to offer a new piece until the full set can be completed on the 24th December.

I was ridiculously lucky to capture an image of Liv with the fairy this morning as she has smuggled it into school as contraband to show her friends… in typical Liv form! Possibly one of the best advent calendars we have ever had, there is a new toy every day which can be kept for much longer than the festive period.

We love PLAYMOBIL in our house and it was a lovely surprise recently to learn that PLAYMOBIL have just partnered up with London Fire Brigade for their 150th anniversary! PLAYMOBIL have released a  stop-motion video teaching little ones about fire safety and who our fire fighter heroes are.  This will be used for London Fire Brigade’s education service in schools for the upcoming academic year and online. With fire safety being such an important issue, it’s great to see a video that children will be able to relate to.

London Fire Brigade have recruited a specialist crew of PLAYMOBIL firefighters to release a catchy sing-a-long video, to ensure children know who to call when they are in danger. The new watch have a unique set of skills including singing, dancing and specialist clown rescue capabilities.”


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Lulastic December 7, 2015 - 1:42 am

THIS IS AMAZING! Love her smuggling efforts 😀

S1m December 8, 2015 - 10:02 am

Awww thank you love! She does it every day, I try and check her pockets but to no avail! :/


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