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Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Party

by S1m

A fellow Chelsea supporting friend decided to give me a blow by blow account of the Christmas parties occurring in the pub he was at, whilst trying to watch the all important Porto match. Clearly all I was interested in was WhatsApp commentary on the match, but I did have a pang of jealousy. Then came the all important question… ‘Do you have a Christmas party? How would it actually work?’

I struggled for an answer to begin with, as a full time blogger I am fortunate that the events we attend are like mini parties, all year round. There is generally food and all my lovely friends are there. Recently the COOP held their annual Blogger Christmas Party which was amazing and in a way, yes, that was my Christmas party! I should have replied with no really, would have been less confusing!

It is one thing I miss from not working in an office environment. The office Christmas party is the one time of year you can truly let your hair down and boogie the year away.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to organise an office Christmas party though, clearly you would start with looking into venue hire, VenueFinder would be a handy site to use – it does all the hard work for you!


If you are looking for something extra special… I once had attended a James Bond themed office party, it was absolutely awesome, everything was decked out perfectly, including props and a 007 shaped ice luge for drinking shots from. Everyone dressed for the occasion and it was by far one of the greatest parties I have ever been to.

Alas, as I sit here writing this post, Mini Me is at a party of her own. Children’s parties are so much easier to organise… give the children an empty hall and they will happily tire themselves out running around. As I was walking out, the school PE dude was walking in due to it being a sports themed party. The kids were happy… as was I! 😉

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