Is Iceland The Coolest Place Ever?


With 2016 lapping at our heels, it really is time for me to look into how I am going to progress into the New Year. You may be aware that I like to set myself challenges as opposed to resolutions, these are set but work wise, I need to look into what I can do.

Is Iceland The Coolest Place Ever?

I do have several travel blogs that I would love to develop further so will aim to dedicate more time to them. With so many amazing places to write about, where do you even start though?

For inspiration, one of my favourite questions to ask Tinderites (guys on Tinder!) is ‘If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?’ Clearly one of the less wacky questions I ask! The answers are typically generic… somewhere hot, somewhere you can gamble freely and some very questionable places that I shall not shock you with…

However, one answer floored me recently… Iceland.

Admittedly, Iceland is not somewhere I am clued up on, so off I went to research if it is a destination I would one day like to visit… the answer was a resounding yes and I appreciated an answer that was a break from the norm.

So besides the rather awe inspiring Iceland Circle and Northern Lights, why else is there to know about Iceland?

This stunning country has a population that is double the population of my home town – what?! Yes seriously! With a population of just over 329,000 it is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, a statistic I was certainly not aware of.


The Golden Circle is located to the South of Iceland – a popular tourist route featuring geysers such as Strokkur which erupts several times an hour. The thermal mud pools are an absolute must and with the tiredness from Christmas currently setting in, would be much appreciated at this moment in time!

The Capital city, Reykjavík is a popular destination for people who want to break away from the norm and experience a country with outstanding beauty. Considered to be the cleanest and greenest city in the World, average temperatures over the course of a year range from minus 3 to 14 degrees Celsius – so don’t visit with the expectations of returning home with a tan!


During the months of June and July, there is 24 hour sunlight, an amazing fact about the country. Midnight golf appears to be a popular activity – I cannot imagine what 24 hour sunlight is like, however I imagine sales of black out blinds are phenomenal!

The majority of Icelandic people believe in elves, which is always handy at Christmas, including Iceland’s most famous export, Bjork. If you visit Iceland hoping to munch on a McDonald’s during your stay, you will be bitterly disappointed as there are no McDonald’s restaurants anywhere in Iceland!

Admittedly, after research, I can totally understand why this particular Tinderite stated he wanted to visit Iceland – not only for its natural beauty and somewhat wackiness, but because Iceland appears to be a total break from reality, a place where a national army is not required and you will never be bitten by mosquitoes, I cannot imagine how peaceful it actually is!

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