My Healthy New Year Challenges For 2016
Never thought I would wear lycra! Race For Life 2015.

My Healthy New Year Challenges For 2016

It’s time to gear up and kick start a healthy New Year with a whole new start and new challenges to sink my teeth into.

My Healthy New Year Challenges For 2016

Finishing 2015 a total of 4 stone lighter than I started the year and having run a 5k Race For Life mid year were huge achievements for me and smashed the challenges set last January out of the park and turned Sim’s Life into my fitness journal!

It has allowed me the chance to have a slower start to 2016, however that does not mean that I do not have healthy challenges set in place!

Challenge 1: To lose another stone and a half (21lbs).

Reaching target is a little anti-climatic, especially when I am the type of person who still strives for more! So, I have set a new target to push the boundaries further. Already much more body confident than I ever was, skinny jeans have replaced jeans that did nothing to flatter me and I am certainly braver with my choice of outfits.

How did I lose 4 stone in less than 52 weeks? A mixture of Weight Watchers, 2-3 weekly gym visits, walking, running, healthy eating, the New You Plan (VLCD) and… not eating. I do not condone that last part, however it shows how my mindset has changed with regards to eating. Before Weight Loss Wednesday, I would comfort eat when stressed, now I turn in the opposite direction. This is something I still need to work on but am proud of myself that instead of over eating and making the incorrect eating choices, I know when to say ‘No, I have had enough!’ Which leads me onto my next challenge…

Healthy - Fitness Blogger
Feeling all round more confident – skinnier arms and an actual face with definition!

Challenge 2: To maintain my weight loss.

I’ve managed quite well to maintain so far, a slight gain of 7lbs over Christmas (cough) will easily be shifted with the aid of the New You Plan which I plan to keep on until my birthday at the end of this month. I need to start looking into healthy food plans and work out which food groups and routines will work best for me to maintain in the long run. I am loving the new me and do not want to let weight be a negative factor for me ever again.

Healthy - Fitness Blogger
Never thought I would wear lycra! Race For Life 2015.

Challenge 3: To run another race and look into fitness classes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 5k Race for Life last year and would love to do another this year… maybe a colour run, something completely different. I will never be a marathon runner, but for now I enjoy the freedom and thinking space running affords me.

Crossfit is something that intrigues me, however I do not wish to become one of ‘those’ Crossfit people *ahem*. I have always fancied taking up boxing – it offers many benefits and is a fantastic all round exercise, great for toning up, which is what I need.

I’m not entirely sure I will ever be 100% happy with my fitness, there will always be another goal or challenge to work towards. Even though the Weight Loss Wednesday Linky (documented my weight loss through 2015) is no longer, my health and fitness will always be a big part of Sim’s Life, so expect to still read how I am getting on with my challenges throughout 2016!

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  1. Cheryl Pasquier

    You deserved to cut yourself some slack over Christmas after such a fantastic year so don’t worry about it. You were a total inspiration last year – I need to get off my bum and start doing wii-fit runs again. Maybe I’ll even venture outside this year – who nows ?! xx

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much lovely! Your support last year meant a lot, you kept pushing me through so thank you! Will be keeping up to date with your journey and joining in with your linky when new fitness posts go live xx

  2. Kate Holmes

    What a inspirational woman and by sharing your story you will help so many other people. I think we all use different tools but I do think getting over comfort eating makes all the difference to the chance of success. All the best for 2016 and thanks for linking up with Blogging to Jogging the linky for healthy living

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much Kate! That has made me beam! I just hope that by documenting my weight loss journey with the Weight Loss Wednesday Linky that others see it can be done! Thank you for letting me link up – Blogging To Jogging certainly got me through last year!xx

  3. Philippa - Sounding Like My Mother

    Oh Wow! You’ve done so well. I took up running last year too and have to say that I never thought I’d be brave enough to wear lycra either but now I wear it to the school gate! Something in your mindset just changes I think.

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much Philippa! Ha, I never thought I would squeeze into lycra, total shock but I am rocking it!x

  4. Lianne

    Wow, 4 stone, well done!! I lost a stone & thought that was good haha. I really need to get back into it this year!!

    1. S1m

      Thank you Lianne – you can do it chick! Well done on your stone loss! All adds up xx

  5. Muma Leary

    Wow- what a brilliant achievement, well done.
    Never say never to a marathon- I have done 3 and would still not call myself a runner. The atmosphere is incredible and a real experience I’d recommend.
    I have lots of health and fitness goals for the year too so come and see and we can compare notes! X

    1. S1m

      I am definitely putting my foot down on the marathon front – no literally though! 😉 I totally bow down to your greatness… 3 marathons? That is hardcore and must be an amazing feeling – popping over now chick!xx

  6. Catherine

    Good luck with your fitness resolutions for next year. I hope that you manage to shift that last one and a half stones 🙂


    1. S1m

      Thank you so much chick! It has all started off well and fingers crossed will continue like that!xx

  7. Becky Cowley

    It’s great to have goals! Well done on the weight loss, wishing you lots of luck for your challenges this year

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much Becky! Enjoyed the gym this morning, Day 2 of the New You plan again and it’s all falling back into place again! 🙂 xx

  8. S1m

    Awww thank you so much chick!! Meh, I don’t want to turn into one of ‘those’ Crossfit people… a recent ex was one and he was a knob! Alas no WLW linky anymore – it may be reprised in the future! 🙂 Hope you are well chick!xxx

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