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My Decorating Journey Has Finally Finished

by S1m

After finally having the rather stunning Gloriana Mulberry wallpaper from Graham and Brown hung up by my lovely parents over Christmas, my living room now actually feels like a proper living room again! My decorating journey has finally finished!

It took me several years to finally get the motivation to decorate, painting isn’t exactly my forte, so I had to muster up the courage to attack my living room and finally make my mark. Having the wallpaper to hand was enough to get me started and by the time I realised, I had painted all the coving and doors and sloshed two coats of paint on the main 3 walls. All by myself… I was immensely proud at how neat I had been, considering I generally lose concentration half way through and am easily distracted from the job in hand.


Having lived with painted walls and a lined feature wall for 2 months, it was great to have a completely decorated lounge for Christmas, with the only worry now being how to accessorise the room!

A shelving unit to sit all my knick knacks  on and generally store paperwork is next on my list of things to purchase and fix… flat pack all the way! I feel a furniture shop is looming, but first I need to find a home for my bike which is currently stored in the living room… as a reminder that I actually need to jump on it!

What I really would love though, is a new sofa. I am starting to now pick faults in my current leather corner sofa and with all the current New Year sales available, I have been checking out sofas whilst dreaming of lottery win! A comfy, white sofa that you simply fall into would be perfect… alas, with a child and a dog who likes to lie on the sofa and snore all day, it is not exactly practical at the moment.

The list of furnishings I would love to add to my living room is endless… no doubt I will start with a set of new house phones first… domesticated life is so much fun!

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