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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your #BratzBFF

by S1m

Proving that Valentine’s Day is not just for adults to show how much they love and care for someone… friends can also get involved too by celebrating with their #BratzBFF.

Bratz have been celebrating Valentine’s Day in style this year… especially with the launch of their new 2016 SelfieSnaps range. The 5 besties – Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Raya – all have their own, very unique personalities and sense of style, with all the accessories to match.


Liv is a huge Bratz fan, as are most of her friends, so the chance to take part with the #BratzBFF campaign and gift a Bratz doll to a best friend for Valentine’s Day was awesome and a lovely opportunity to be part of.

Sitting on the sofa, with a rather beautiful, sparkly pink parcel each, Liv and one of her BFF’s were too excited to wait and fill in the Bratz Valentine’s card for each other.


‘I love her.’

‘She is cool.’

‘She is really kind.’

‘She is sooooo funny.’

Were all the reasons shouted out at me as to why Liv and her BFF were friends, whilst they hurriedly tore at the wrapping paper to reveal two rather cool Remix Bratz dolls…

Then that was it, they ran upstairs and spent the next 2 hours playing with their new #BratzBFF dolls. We may have celebrated Valentine’s slightly early in our house, but love and friendship should be appreciated every day! Just check out those smiles!

Bratz are currently running lots of exciting #BratzBFF competitions and giveaways on their social pages including Twitter and Facebook.

Complete with tech-inspired accessories including smartphones and cases, the SelfieSnaps Bratz are perfectly geared up to snap selfies at any turn and include the lip shaped comb which is now synonymous with the Bratz dolls.

The range of Bratz dolls are very well made and I personally think they are reasonably priced, especially considering all the accessories included and the hours of endless fun they bring.

Bratz Dolls can be purchased directly from Amazon, with the SelfieSnaps range currently priced at £21.75 (February 2016).

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