Giveaway: Win 80 Packs of Ricola Sugar Free Sweets

According to research conducted by Ricola, 64% of adults based in the Manchester region are careless about their sugar intake. I probably have to hold my hand up at this point as I am probably included in that. Despite my weight loss journey and my love of fitness, I do love a sugar boost every so often, either with 2 sugars in my tea or a fizzy drink or small chocolate bar after a workout to give me energy to keep going.


Research commissioned by Ricola found that only 36% of adults in Manchester are careful about their sugar intake. 10% of sweet-toothed adults admit to enjoying at least one sugary treat every day and worryingly, 40% of those surveyed don’t monitor their weekly sugar intake but 26% do recognise that they consume too much sugar.

Ok… so things aren’t too bad – albeit I am more than likely in the 64% category of adults who are careless… I am also in the 26% who recognise I probably shouldn’t be consuming as much sugar as I do.

The figures have been released as part of Ricola’s Sugar Swap campaign, encouraging people to consider their weekly sugar intake and swap high sugar content treats for low sugar alternatives.


Ricola’s Sugar Swap events, aim to educate and inspire consumers to swap their sweet treats for Ricola’s range of sugar free options. Seven flavours including Fresh Mountain Mint, Refreshing LemonMint, Tasty Cranberry, Delicious Elderflower, Scrumptious OrangeMint, Luxurious Liquorice and The Original are available in prevalent high street health food stores, supermarkets and chemists, making it easier than ever for consumers to swap their sugar candy for healthier, sugar free items.

Sim’s Life is giving you the opportunity to win a 6 month supply of the Ricola sugar free range of sweets, which is a staggering 80 packs (x 4 flavours) and worth around £100 in value!

To be in with a chance of winning this sugar free treats, simply enter using the Gleam form below…

80 Packs of Ricola Sweets

Giveaway ends at midnight 6th March 2016.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 80 packs of Ricola Sugar Free Sweets.
Open to UK residents only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.


  1. Rie T says:

    Sugar-free candy floss because I love the taste so much, but am too worried about the damage it does to my teeth to eat it regularly!

  2. tracy sinclair says:

    Chocolate, its my favourite treat, but not healthy, it would be great if it was sugar free, so less calories then I could eat more than I can now x

  3. Jo Carroll says:

    It would probably be Chocolate filled Easter Eggs with all the candy inside. If I could make them all ‘sugar free’ I’d be able to enjoy Easter Sundays like I did when I was a girl 😉

  4. Wendy Smith says:

    Raspberry pavlova because it is one of my favourites and a sugar free version would be better for my health and my waistline

  5. Maureen Moss says:

    thats a difficult one, so many to products to choose from …. how about sugar free jaffa cakes why because my daughter in law adores them and so do I so we could have a great time indulging ourselves without the calories

  6. Victoria Prince says:

    I would make sugar free Millionaire’s Shortbread that tastes as good as the original! Because it is my all time favourite sweet treat, but it is so high in sugar it’s not something I really let myself have these days and I’d love to be able to eat it more often!

  7. Helen Gilbert says:

    Sugar free Star ultimate addiction(eating one at the moment!) maybe if it was sugar free I wouldn’t eat as many….

  8. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I would love to make sugar-free lemon sponge – I enjoy baking and would love to be able to bake tasty sugar-free cakes.

  9. ellie spider says:

    decent chocolate – I’m diabetic and I do okay at managing other things but sugar free chocolate is a vile vile thing with a bad laxative effect!

  10. Jess Berkeley says:

    I absolutely love brownies! So it have to be sugar free brownies as long as it’s naturally sweet and chewy 🙂

  11. jackie beckett says:

    I love Turkish Delight and as a diabetic i can only have a small bit now and again so i would love to make a sugar free one

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