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Deep Heat Roll On The Essential Gym Bag Product

by S1m
Deep Heat

As I sit here typing this post… my arm feels like it is on fire.

Not literally, but my arm and shoulder does feel ridiculously hot, thanks to a wonderful new product to help ease muscles.

Deep Heat very kindly sent me some of their awesome range, alongside some Deep Freeze products and their new to the range Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion to help ease the pain in my shoulder. The pain that i have from literally falling sideways out of a taxi onto a kerb. Remember the iconic Del Boy and Trigger scene from Only Fools, when Del Boy famously falls through an open bar hatch sideways… ‘Play it cool Trig, play it cool’… Play it cool I certainly did not!

The Deep Heat products have certainly come in very handy in easing the tension in my shoulder and arm and have contributed to less painful work outs at the gym.

Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll On Lotion

The Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll On Lotion, the latest addition to the range is awesome. Simples. Why has this not been available before? Resembling a roll on deodorant, the product is very easy to apply, with no mess created and no need to wash your hands afterwards before your fingers start heating up! Just a word of warning though… never mistake it for an actual deodorant… I expect that would not be pretty! It also has that fragrance that is synonymous with Deep Heat, a lovely herbal aroma. It is so convenient to use and is portable, so a great addition to my gym bag.

The plus points of Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll On Lotion.

  • Massage action to release muscle tension

  • Pleasant herbal aroma

  • Drug free

  • Increased blood-flow

  • Increased muscle-mobilisation

  • Targeted treatment for old injuries

  • Convenient fuss-free format

  • No sticky residue



  • To loosen and soften muscles, so they move more easily, so less chance of sprain or strain


  • Helps realign muscle fibres and break down adhesions and scar tissue. Heat also removes damaged tissues7


  • To ease and release knots in shoulders, back etc. so you are more comfortable

I am terrible for not warming up before actually getting stuck into a work out, so using the Deep Heat products before cracking on in the gym is reassuring and makes me put more effort in.

With an RRP of £4.99 and the Roll On alongside the Deep Heat and Deep Freeze range are available from Boots, Tesco and other pharmacies and grocery stores.

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