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I love the fact Liv loves to run, not necessarily for the same reasons I do, however it’s one of many fun, family activities that we can do together as mum and daughter… whilst improving our all round fitness.

Fun Family Activities That Help Improve Fitness

There are lots of things you can do together as a family in order to increase your fitness, people just assume it’s only in the gym where you can get fit… a total misconception!

Trampolining is a huge hit with children and adults alike… hours can easily be whiled away in laughter as you jump up and down, attempt somersaults and what’s more it is highly unlikely anyone will hurt themselves! Trampoline centre’s are opening up all over the country – simply vast spaces filled with trampolines that you can simply go wild on and it’s a great Fun Family Activities That Help Improve Fitness!

Fun Family Activities That Help Improve Fitness

Scooting around isn’t just for kids these days and with many adult scooters available on the market, it has never been easier for families to get out together in the fresh air and scoot around. Slightly more risk of injury with this family activity, though make sure you gear up with helmets and protection pads – all else fails, ice cream is a great soother!

Cycling is the most obvious fitness related family activity everyone can join in with. Go to town and pimp up your wheels, adding a bell makes people walking along your route aware that you are there… one of my biggest bug bears when walking the dog is cyclists coming up behind us from nowhere and expecting us to move… so make sure you add a bell!

Rock Climbing isn’t just for Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible! Rock Climbing centres are also springing up all over the country, making it safer for younger children to learn how to rock climb. We have been invited to a rock climbing party and I know that Mini Me will absolutely love it.

Fun, family activities that work on your fitness do not have to cost the earth, even getting out and about for a walk is perfect bonding time!

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Kirsty Hijacked By Twins February 18, 2016 at 4:03 pm

We have a trampoline in the garden and the kids love it when I get bouncing with them.I just need to make sure the neighbours are not watching lol x


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