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Where Would We Be Without A Device That Does It All?

by S1m

I described myself as a closet geek the other day. Probably not the most favourable way to describe myself, but when I look around at all the gadgets that are there to enrich my life, a device for every occasion, yep, geek is the best way to describe me!

Pretty much every aspect of my life is controlled by technology these days, which can be a blessing and curse all rolled into one.

The fact that my phone can be used as a camera, a tool to shop and spend money, as my social life planner, it can stream movies and videos directly to my TV and most importantly, can actually make calls is astounding. Just one small device, controlling so much of my life.

Owning devices that can literally do everything in one little package is ridiculously convenient and makes life so much easier by freeing up your time! In fact Dell has created a rather cool little infographic proving how convenient all in one devices are – click here to check it out!

My life is so controlled by technology these days, mainly due to work, to the point I cannot even recall the last time I purchased a newspaper! Why do I need to when every news source I could ever want is online, accessed either via my laptop or phone? I am currently enjoying all the articles based on speculation that Diego Simeone could be taking over as the new manager of Chelsea, this pleases me greatly! A newspaper would certainly not report on this as much as the Internet as a whole does!

There are moments though, like today where I do just want to hide from all technology! Reading back through messages sent in an intoxicated state is rather cringe worthy and I only wish technology played some part in stopping intoxicated messages being sent. Why can’t your phone just realise you are incapable of stringing legible syntax together and just immediately lose the ability to send a message?

Whilst I shy away from returning messages, at least I can chuckle at the million and one selfies that were taken last night… where would we be without our phones that can do everything!


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Jenny @ thebrickcastle February 22, 2016 - 11:57 am

It’s amazing what a phone replaces tbh – they seem to have missed off one of the most obvious – a clock, and an alarm clock 🙂


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