Crafts Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Craft Sets From Baker Ross

Mother's Day Craft Sets from Baker Ross

Half term is over, peace and quiet has resumed and everyone can get back into their routines. Except for me, as Mini Me  is with me today, so work is taking a back seat today and there has been no gym visit. Though a little trip out earlier cost me £10 for another new teddy bear to add to the collection that is currently taking over Mini Me’s bedroom.

What better day to crack on with the Baker Ross Mother’s Day craft sets before cwtch time on the sofa, wrapped up with a blanket.

Mother’s Day Craft SetsMother's Day Craft Sets

I was given the strict instructions not to look at what Mini Me was actually doing… all very hush hush… however, I was given permission to take pictures for this post!

Baker Ross

Baker Ross craft sets are awesome because children can just open them and complete a craft with limited adult help. The instructions are very easy to follow and most sets come complete with all the stickers and accessories that are required. I have just heard that a friend had a black paint explosion crafting emergency this morning… all I could reply with was ‘You should have looked on the Baker Ross site!’ I thought my advice was quite helpful! 😉

With so many seasonal and themed craft kits to choose from, the Mother’s Day range is especially wonderful. Choose from Heart Cross Stitch Bookmark kits, Wooden Apple Bird Feeders, Heart Shaped Wooden Keyrings, Teapot Photo Frame Magnet Kits and more.

Baker Ross

It’s not just about the actual sets, the accessories are pretty cool too… including the Crystal Stick On Stones, which I am finding not only on one of the Heart Shaped Wooden Keyrings, but also dotted around the house!

Considering how much time is spent on technology these days, it is nice to do an activity we can both join in with and create something together. For now, I shall forget that I saw anything that was made today and act totally surprised on Mother’s Day!

Baker Ross Mother's Day Crafts

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