Join The Vape World With The Vype E Cig Starter Kit

Investing in a good e-cigarette will help the transition from smoking cigarettes to e-cig an awful lot easier. It does take time to transition, do not expect to simply give up smoking your usual tobacco, it may take a couple of weeks or months, but you will notice you reduce your tobacco usage.

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With so many tank systems available, where should you start? An all in one tank system such as the Vype E Cig Starter Kit which comes complete with a charger and 10ml bottle of 12mg of Blended Tobacco flavour e-juice is a great little kit to get you started.

E Cig

Having tested the Vype E Tank for the past 2 weeks, I am quite liking it. Easy to hold, quite a robust, well made tank and stable when propped up. The Vype E Cig clearo (tank that holds the juice) holds 2ml of juice, which is slightly more than the usual 1.6ml held by the usual CE4 clearos. Therefore meaning you have to top up the juice slightly less often.

E Cig

Vype E Cig Starter Kit Clearo with overfill protection (Left) CE4 Clearo (Right)

The mouth piece is big and bulky yet comfortable and the power button is easy to locate even when you are not looking at the tank. When pressed, the V logo on the power button will light up white and lights up red to indicate that you need to charge the battery.

E Cig

Charging the battery takes less than 2 hours, with the included USB charger – you will need your own plug to connect the charger.

I really like the design of the clearos as they have overfill protection. For a newbie to vaping, this is an awesome feature as until you have adjusted to the flow of your e-juice bottle, you could be a little squeeze happy. Any juice that goes down the central filler will make it harder to pull on the juice and will ruin the coil and battery. It’s easy to clean your tanks and batteries with cotton wool buds, to ensure they keep working correctly.

Vapelux is an awesome site, I cannot believe I have not checked it over before, I may need to stock up on some new juice! There are some great accessories and starter kits available on the site, for whatever stage of vaping you find yourself at. If you are looking to join the vape side, then the Vype E Cig Starter Kit priced at £19.99 is definitely worth a look!

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