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What Do You Buy The Dog That Has Everything?

by S1m

Meet Honey the dog… the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ever!

Also lovingly referred to as ‘Snoring Dog’, Honey loves nothing more than to simply spend her days sprawled out on the sofa, filling the silence with snores that most adults would be proud of!


L-R clockwise: Honey the dog, K-Way mac, one of our walks, the WonderWoof Bow Tie

A fair weather dog who hates the rain (shame considering we are Manchester based!) walks always take longer than normal due to the sheer amount of people who want to make a fuss of her… and she revels in it!

We have some stunning walks nearby, which are great for Honey and great for my own fitness. I can calculate the steps I take with the use of my FitBit, an activity tracker that I love. However, did you know that there are activity trackers for dogs? Like a FitBit for your canine pals!

The super cute WonderWoof Bow Ties (Red bow tie bottom left of the board) are activity trackers designed to attach to your dog’s collar and track their real time movements via a handy app. Priced at $95, available in a range of different colours. It helps you keep a track of when your dog is running, sleeping, playing, and walking! I am pretty sure the app would tell me Honey gets far too much sleep, but as an old lady now, who am I to argue with her when she wants to chill.

Whilst Honey may not enjoy walking in the rain, I certainly do thanks to the K-Way Le Vrai Leon packable mac in Red – I am certainly very visible on a walk and the water resistant, 100% Nylon Ripstop material really does keep me warm, in fact very warm to the point I do not want to take it off again! The kangaroo chest pocket is handy for all my keys and also includes the ties needed to pack the mac away! Priced at £70, the Le Vrai Leon jacket is available in a range of colours, in case you are not brave enough to rock red!

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