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Show Panasonic Your Very Important Pet And Win Prizes

by S1m

Find out how you can win prizes in the latest Panasonic #MyVIP giveaway…

What better way to spend Mother’s Day, than to go on a lovely family stroll in the sunshine. That’s right, the three amigos were able to walk without the aid of an umbrella… in Manchester, miracles do happen!

As always, most people stopped us on the walk to give our dog a fuss, with one lady even trying to dognap the dog! After enjoying her stroll, Honey (our VIP!) has taken up her favourite position of snoring on the couch whilst we crack on with the usual Sunday chores.

Panasonic #MyVIP

I have often thought how awesome it would be to have a dog that forewarns me that people are walking up the drive, as opposed to sitting in the window and wagging her tail. Not exactly the greatest guard dog in the world, but ridiculously cute nonetheless!

Panasonic, having launched their Smart Home System, that monitors and secures your home in minutes are aware that the system will give pets much needed time off from guarding their home!


Panasonic Smart Home System

The new Panasonic campaign, encourages pet owners to join in and upload a photo or video of themselves and their ‘Very Important Pet’ sharing the love using the hashtag #MyVIP for a chance to win a two-night stay in a VIP friendly luxury hotel and other great prizes worth up to £2,000!

Check out Dave the Mastiff, enjoying his day off due to his owners installing a Smart Home System… what do you think a Mastiff named Dave would actually get up to? Check out the ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’ video below… you would be surprised!

Get sharing your snap over on Twitter with @PanasonicUK and make sure you include #MyVIP too, to be in with winning lots of fantastic prizes!

Meet Dave in ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’

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