Summer DIY: Brightening Up Your Bathroom

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Brightening Up Your Bathroom

A bathroom can often be a neglected room in the home when it comes to redecorating. Whilst we dedicate most of our time and effort to the rooms we spend most of our time in, the kitchen and socialising space for example, the bathroom is always last on our list. Often a smaller space full of chunky extras, it can seem like a struggle to transform it from the offset.

However, there are simple tips to elevate your bathroom without spending a fortune!

Summer DIY: Brightening Up Your Bathroom

Let There Be light

The first thing that you can do, and that will instantly transform your bathroom, is some bright and airy lighting to give the illusion of more space. But remember to keep it simple! Make the most of the space you have and on how to make it airy and light.

Brightening Up Your Bathroom

Colour Me Blind

Whilst you can experiment with most rooms in your home, the bathroom is slightly tricker. Dark colour schemes can often make your bathroom feel much more dated and a small space seem even smaller still. The simple crisp white bathroom is perfect, but don’t be afraid to add some splashes of colour here and there. For example, I love the tropical theme in a bathroom; deep greens and blues mixed with the odd wooden detailing gives that beachy feel. Those bathroom essentials such as a shower curtain and sponges can match to complete the look too.

Just A Good Clean

More often than not, all a bathroom needs is a good scrub. Take it one step further from your usual weekly cleaning blast by really spending the time to get those tiles gleaming again. Of course, you can get the professionals in if needs be.

A Small Change Goes A Long Way

If your bathroom is seeming dated, maybe you just need a revamp? You needn’t spend a small fortune on new taps, baths and sinks. Take those extras, like your shower curtain, and replace with items that is not only brand spanking new, but a complete change from the previous. This also applies to the towels, sponges and door knobs. House To Home have some wonderful ideas on how to decorate on a budget.Brightening Up Your Bathroom on a budget


For the illusion of more space and a modern twist, opt for a selection of gleaming mirrors. And this doesn’t just have to be your standard vanity mirror for when brushing your teeth. A long mirror on your spare wall can make the room seem twice as big whilst mosaic tiling is a sweet yet modern approach to decorating.

Nail Your Theme

So you’re considering redecorating the bathroom completely; no small changes, no colour tweeks, a full blown project and a completely new look. If you’re struggling to think of where on earth to start, the best step is to think of a theme and apply that throughout. Whether this is a colour theme or a topic close to your heart (I love the idea of basing rooms of the house on significant travels and memories), this means you have a really solid starting point. One thing to keep in mind as well, is a budget and sticking to that said-budget to avoid any nasty surprises when the bill comes through the letterbox.

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