A Starters Guide To Using An E-Cigarette

Health mistakes you might be making when vaping

I consider myself an old-timer nowadays with regards to vaping. Gone are the days when I was embarrassed to use my E-Cigarette out in public, now I will happily whip it out (my tank, nothing else!) and puff away! However, if you are considering making the transition from smoking to using an E-Cigarette, you will have lots of questions… so I hope this Guide To Using An E-Cigarette helps!

A Starters Guide To Using An E-Cigarette

There are so many E-Cigarettes available, where do I start looking?

The Internet is awash with online retailers specialising in E-Cigarettes and all the related paraphernalia. Check out reviews on the best e cig brands online and find an E-Cigarette system that works for you. There are lots of different shapes, sizes, colours available, with different price tags depending on your level of vaping experience. For a total newbie to vaping, I would suggest looking at Starter Tanks that have everything you need, including the clearomiser (clearo), battery (tank bit), charger and some kits even include a bottle of e-juice. For those who are more experienced, accessories are available for building your own E-Cigarette system.

Will the transition from smoking actual cigarettes to using an E-cig be immediate?

No. The simple answer is no, it will not be immediate and forcing it will only make you turn back to cigarettes again. You will however notice that you do cut down on the number of cigarettes smoked in a day, which will only result in more money in your pocket! For me, it took a good couple of months to move onto solely using an e-cigarette and not look back. You really need to want to give up smoking in order to make the whole process easier.

Guide To Using An E-Cigarette

How will I know when to stop using the E-Cig?

Clearly, when you finish a cigarette, you simply put it out and crack on with what you were doing. However how do you know when enough is enough when using an E-Cigarette? It is odd to say, but you do just know! Your routine will be totally different when using an E-Cigarette as you will not have to stand outside for 5 minutes (unless your workplace does not allow the use of E-Cigarettes inside) and smoke quickly. The benefit of using an E-Cigarette is that you use it when you need it, not simply because it is there. You will find that you rely less on an E-Cigarette than you first thought!

Do I have to stick to a tobacco flavour of E-Juice?

Not at all! There are lots of different E-Juice flavours available and you have to try them in order to find a taste you enjoy. Fruit flavoured E-Juice is always quite refreshing and a lovely break away from harsher tobacco flavours. You may find the transition over to an E-Cigarette more enjoyable if you do choose a fruit flavour. My ultimate favourite flavour that I tend to stick to these days is Red Astaire, a bold, lush flavour with a taste of red berries, black grape and overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol. Available in different strengths of nicotine, you may find using a higher concentrate (11-16mg of nicotine) easier to start off and then reduce over time.

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Brian October 12, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Thanks for the advice on vaping! I have been looking to start for a while and this was a helpful guide.

Alex Dunbar June 19, 2017 at 9:54 am

Thank you for sharing this! I’ll try this to help me stop my cigarrette smoking problem hahah


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